Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Cyber Threats

Industrial Control System (ICS) Security is becoming more crucial now as cyberattacks target physical processes more frequently, either as extortion or to damage vital production equipment.

Despite the rising threats related to ICS attacks and IT(information technology/OT(operational technology) convergence, there are steps that businesses can take to improve their cybersecurity posture and overall cyber resilience.

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How To Protect Industrial Control Systems from Cyber Threats

When it comes to cybersecurity, ICS systems frequently lag behind IT systems. Implement the following best practices to begin modernizing the security of ICS systems:

Identify A Goal And Create An ICS Security Program

Establishing your objective is the first step in implementing comprehensive ICS security. Defining the destination is frequently the most challenging obstacle. Many businesses struggle due to focusing on one particular initiative—network segmentation, network intrusion detection, or asset visibility—for immediate profit. Industrial security success necessitates an actual program combining a coordinated operation. 

The most excellent method to make significant, observable improvement is to choose a benchmark and concentrate on delivering against it. 

Instead Of Using Several Different Tools, Use A Security Platform

This is an excellent method to provide proper ICS security efficiently. The analysts at Gartner concur, saying, “Solutions that offer numerous valuable features simply deploy can be presented to operations as not adding additional risk, and are interoperable with other security solutions are recommended.” 

Locate a platform that can combine the essential elements of ICS security in a manner that is safe, efficient, and provides the same quality and measurement level as IT security.

The security of ICS need not be a mystery. Many of the same rules that apply to IT security can be used here, but you must use a platform that can handle these particular difficulties.

Compartmentalize IT and OT zones

Maintaining proper zone segmentation will keep OT and IT distinct and ensure that any harm caused by an attack remains inside the “zone” that was compromised.

Put Application Whitelisting Into Effect

The malware that enemies have uploaded can be found and stopped from being executed with the help of Application Whitelisting (AWL). Some systems, such as database servers and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) computers, are suitable candidates for running AWL due to their static nature. Operators are urged to collaborate with their vendors to establish a baseline and calibrate AWL Deployment.

Patch Management

Any method involving overall control system security must include patch management. Installing a software patch or update the vendor has provided is frequently the only mitigation method for a recently found vulnerability.

Monitor And Respond

A network must be continually monitored for the hostile intrusion to defend against cyber threats effectively. Examine monitoring initiatives in the following five crucial areas:

  • Keep an eye out for unusual or suspicious communications in IP traffic on ICS boundaries.
  • Use a login analysis, such as the time and location, to spot unauthorized access or the use of stolen credentials, and quickly call any anomalies to confirm them.
  • To identify malicious software and attempted attacks, use host-based products.
  • Keep an eye out for malicious connections or content in the control network’s IP traffic.
  • To spot access control manipulation, keep an eye on account/user administrative activities.

Final words

To protect ICSs from contemporary threats, network defense teams must have well-thought-out and well-implemented techniques to rapidly and successfully detect, block, and expel an adversary. This tutorial offers quick-and-easy solutions to typical exploitable control system flaws. These solutions can be used right away.

Additionally, here at Commercial Construction Renovation, we understand that not all businesses are the same, but safety and security are paramount for every business, regardless of the business’s current size. Better security means your customer’s trust and more potential business growth. Here we have set aside an excellent guide on Why every small business needs a comprehensive network security plan, where you will find simple but effective measures to secure your current business.

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