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Protect Properties Against Termites in Construction

Protect Properties Against Termites in Construction

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Home Vendor News Protect Properties Against Termites in Construction

Termite infestations are every home builder’s nightmare, as these household pests compromise the structure’s and installations’ strength, leading to potential structural damage and tarnishing the builder’s reputation. Termites live in colonies underground and feed on dead wood and plants. Unlike other pest species, such as mice, rats, and carpenter beetles, homeowners often notice their presence long after they’ve inflicted damage to a home’s structure.
Joshua’s pest control in Kansas City offers some of the best anti-termite solutions for your home’s wooden fixtures. When it comes to furniture and pests, prevention is critical in saving money on possible future repairs and replacement costs. Listed below are steps to take to prevent future problems caused by termite infestations.

Eliminate any wood-to-ground contact

When wood makes contact with the ground, it’s easy for termites to climb up and feast on your wooden surfaces. Possible points of contact include door and window frames attached to your baseboards or those grazing your hardwood or carpets. To prevent this contact, builders should ensure wood preservation, where the wooden structures closest to the floor maintain at least 150 mm of distance.
The easiest way to prevent wood contact is by installing a concrete base for houses and other structures. With the concrete directly touching the ground, the wooden frame rests on the cement column, inhibiting termites from munching on your wooden fixtures.

Carry out periodic termite inspections

Professional exterminators possess basic knowledge related to termites and other pests known to consume wood, making these professionals well-equipped to determine if termites have infested a given structure. From there, these pest control experts can carry out preventive measures before the rot spreads.
For a pest-free home, exterminators should conduct these inspections at least once per year. With routine treatments, it’s easier to manage the situation before it escalates. Avoid piling expenses by contacting the experts at the first sign of infestation.

Apply a pre-treatment for termites on wooden structures

Prevention is the best strategy when it comes to termite control. Termiticide is a compound used to treat wooden planks, especially those located nearest the ground. The pesticides are either applied directly to the wood or directly to the soil below the structure.
With pest control treatment innovations, there are more efficient pest repellants and baits available to homeowners. After meticulously studying pest habits, experts developed these pest control solutions to mitigate structural damage, minimize the disease transmission risk, and reduce the number of chemicals used in termite control. These eco-friendly and family-friendly pesticides have successfully revolutionized the pest control industry and eradicated pesky home invaders.

Seal cracks during construction

Termites and other similar bugs scour for cracks and openings on wooden walls and columns they can use as makeshift hiding places. Additionally, these openings make it easier for the bugs to bore through the wood.
During the construction process, try sealing these gaping cracks and any visible holes. For the smaller openings, a termiticide should suffice in preventing pest entry. Failure to do so could result in costly infestations and physically-taxing health conditions.

Use thermally-modified wood for construction

Wood is a biodegradable material, making it quite unstable under harsh conditions. This characteristic makes wood vulnerable to problems such as rotting and pest attacks.
Thermal modification of timber involves heating the wood in high temperatures, in the absence of oxygen. This treatment eliminates any moisture from the wood, making it more water-resistant. The modified wood is, therefore, more resistant to termite attacks and requires little to no maintenance.


Termite-conducive environments are often the product of timely construction projects. As construction teams drill and hammer these wooden structures, these small openings act as ideal breeding grounds for wood-munching termites.
Following the above steps ensures optimal structural integrity by reducing the likelihood of wood rot due to termite infestation. Delaying your pest control strategy could expose your construction clients to skin-related conditions, mold inhalation, and even building collapses. Act quickly to avoid incurring repair costs, claiming liability, or endangering affected parties.


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