Proluxe Lighting Art-Net™ DMX Converter

Proluxe Lighting,   a leading manufacturer of premium LED lighting innovations for residential and commercial applications, introduces its Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter, an Ethernet-to-DMX adapter with integrated optical DMX splitter and Ethernet switch capability for precise control of lighting and multi-media products.

The Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter includes Control4® Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) software to make integration easy and seamless. It supports the latest Art-Net™ 4 Protocol with up to four international digital network universes.

Remotely configured and monitored through such PC software as Sunlite, DMX-Workshop, Luminair, and Madrix, the Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter has two Ethernet ports and four RJ45 DMX out ports, which are all optically isolated and compatible with DMX512, DMX512-A and Art-Net™. Its 3.5” LCD screen with touch-control pen provides easy operation.

The Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter has a Task Manager function to create schedules, as well as show currently running programs, processes and services. Task Manager can be used to monitor computer performance or to close a program that is not responding. The converter also includes a recorder function, SD Card memory option and a PlayBack function as part of the standalone mode.

Operating at 12 and 24 VDC, the Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter is FCC compliant. It will perform in temperatures from -4°F to 122°F and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. For more information about the Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter from Proluxe Lighting, call 866.700.5648, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, or visit

About Proluxe Lighting

Dedicated to providing advanced lighting solutions, Proluxe Lighting by American Lighting creates unique experiences for every application. For more than 30 years, Proluxe has developed and engineered high-performing LED products, serving high-end residential, retail, hotel and restaurant industries. With its expansive portfolio, including flexible LED strips, matching innovative profiles, as well as interior and exterior lighting, Proluxe combines high quality solutions with premium service.

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