Prevent Motorcycle Accidents: What To Do If Involved

As we all know already, you can never be too sure when and where an accident might happen. This is especially if you are a motorcycle rider. Motorbike riders are more prone to suffering severe injuries when involved in an accident due to the open design of motorcycles. The best part is that there are a few ways you can ensure your safety and avoid accidents.

Also, knowing what to do once you are involved in a motorbike accident can make a huge difference. It can help save your life, speed up your recovery, and help get you compensated by insurance. In this piece, we shall cover a few pointers on preventing motorcycle accidents after shedding some light on what you can do if you are involved in one.

Navigating Motorbike Accidents

●     Handle Scene Matters Immediately

First of all, make sure that despite the accident, you get out of the road to a safer place to avoid more risk from oncoming traffic. Nonetheless, leave your motorbike at the exact accident spot. Once you get a secure place, check to see if you have any injuries and while at it, call 911 for assistance. You are likely to be confused in that state but stay calm and do not leave the scene. Ensure you get pictures of the scene to use them to report the issue to the legal offices. Do not forget to at least get the number of one of two witnesses of the incident.

●     Call Your Attorney

Once you seek medical help or paramedic assistance (if necessary), do not forget to consult an attorney. Due to the lack of safety belts and other protective features, motorcycle accidents often lead to severe injuries. This means that the medical bills and associated treatment costs are likely to be extremely high. Renowned Harrisonburg personal injury attorney David Kendal says that you or a loved one could be eligible for compensation if injured in a motorcycle accident. Compensation can help take care of various damages suffered, including your injuries and damage to your motorbike. An experienced attorney specializing in motorcycle accident cases will help you navigate the case from start to finish.

●     File a Report

Once the scene phase is over, it is now time to inform the necessary authorities. First of all, make sure your insurance company knows the incident and all the damages involved. After that, you can visit the doctor for an assessment of your situation. Also, limit who you talk to about the incident and not admit fault for the accident to anyone. It is always best to remain silent where necessary but if you must talk, give truthful information. In some cases, your attorney should accord you with the necessary guidance if you have consulted one at this point.

Preventing Motorbike Accidents

It is always better to be safe than sorry and as they say, prevention is far much better than cure. A few things you can do to avoid getting into an accident as a motorbike rider include:

●     Avoid Unnecessary Speeding

There is a common stereotype that motorbike riders are fond of speeding. Well, not every single motorcycle rider over speeds, but this carries some weight of truth. Those who ride sportbikes carry the crown when it comes to speeding. Nonetheless, speeding increases your chances of getting involved in an accident by a huge margin. In most cases, head-on collisions are the most common forms of motorcycle accidents, and unfortunately, they claim lives. The emergency brakes can either cause a crash, or the motorbike can be catapulted into the air and land on a hard surface, causing the irreparable condition to your machine.

●     Be Vigilant

When you are on the road, everything is a potential hazard, from the car in front of you to the pedestrians on the sidewalk. Be very attentive to easily see the things around you and potential hazards that can cause harm. Use all the side mirrors to see what is beside and behind you while on the move. Always read the road ahead of you. It is a proactive and defensive tactic to keep you on the safe side. Adjust your riding style to the present weather condition. At all times, ensure you exercise caution and proper judgment while on the road.

●     Obey Traffic Rules

This is the most you can do when you are on the road. They are so many, but you cannot afford to ignore the basic ones. Some of the basic ones include: Do not drink and drive, perform regular maintenance, never share a lane with another car, do not overtake on a corner, wear proper attire, and obey the traffic lights, among a whole lot of others. Additionally, make sure that you are a designated driver before you hit the road. It will lower your chances of getting involved in road accidents.
Finally, do not forget to wear the appropriate protective clothing whenever going out for a ride. This should include a helmet, riders’ pants, heavy jacket, gloves, knee protection, goggles, and quality rider’s boots. They may not help prevent the accident, but they can help reduce the severity of your injuries in case you find yourself in one.

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