Popular Renovation Trends in 2021

2020 was a year that no one expected, having to stay at home away from friends and family, which is why this year is all about making the most of that lost time and being able to do all of the things that we couldn’t do last year. More and more of us are making improvements to our homes, having spent so long inside of them, so whether you’re looking for some inspiration to develop your house for yourself or to get it ready to sell on so you can move elsewhere, this article is the one for you!

  1. A new bathroom

Bathrooms have completely transformed over the past year and are no longer just a necessity in the home but have developed into the perfect space for a personal spa that we can retreat to for a touch of pampering and relaxation when we need it most after a long day. Homeowners are renovating their bathrooms to make them bigger and better, and having a shower and a bath separately is also becoming the norm, opposed to the previously standard shower over bath that so many bathrooms used to have.
Opting for large tiles on the walls and the floors make the room look even larger, along with a big Hollywood mirror with backlights that add another level of stylish sophistication and flair to any room. Add in a leafy houseplant that will provide you with a pop of color, and in no time at all, you’ve developed an incredible dream bathroom!

  1. Merging inside and outside

After we’ve had to spend so much of our time inside, a huge amount of us want to get outside and enjoy the summer weather. With this, a lot of homeowners are choosing to blend the lines of inside and out in their houses, letting them enjoy the full benefits of both features.
Envision full, sliding bi-fold doors opening out onto a patio in front of your garden, providing a delightful seating area for your friends and family to enjoy more time together, as well as things like outdoor heaters or fireplaces that add an extra exciting feature to keep the chill off when the cooler evenings unfold.

  1. Focus on space

A lot of us have felt trapped throughout the lockdowns, so being able to fight that feeling with big, open spaces in the house really helps to destroy that feeling. This is true for every room in the house, but especially in bathrooms and kitchen areas.
Kitchens are having their time to really stand out and be the centre of attention in the home. Dining space is now more important than ever for a lot of potential buyers, as well as islands that provide extra space and storage, which is incredibly desirable. If you’ve been asking yourself, “what home improvements should I make that will sell my house fast?” starting in your kitchen is a wonderful option.

  1. Larger windows
    Another trend that’s developed from us being at home for so long is big windows in every room of the house, that let in lots of natural light that make any room look more spacious – a perfect combination!

This is especially popular in rural areas that often benefit from stunning views, letting the homeowners enjoy the surrounding scenery and feel united with the outside world.

  1. Advanced technology

We see this trend regularly, but each time it gets more and more impressive. Technology is constantly developing and bringing new things, and these new options for inside the home make our lives even easier.
From the development of the Roomba into homes to voice-controlled lights and other electronics like Alexa and Google Home, our houses are getting smarter by the day. We’re even seeing keyless locks now, which bring home security to new heights that provide even more protection.

  1. Outside space

Gardens have become a hugely valuable asset, with more and more buyers seeing the outside space as a necessity after so long being stuck inside. Because of this, outdoor areas are getting a big refresh, leading them to being updated.
In more lavish homes, there are outdoor cinemas being developed, as well as additions like fire pits and patio spaces ideal for barbaque setups, giving you all of the luxurious vibes you could ever desire in the comfort of your own home! More subtle and low-cost improvements include new fences, adding in some vegetable patches or flowerbeds, which make for a gorgeous garden!

  1. Developing a home workspace

This time last year, a huge amount of us were beginning to work from home for the first time ever, sitting with a laptop on our knees on the sofa and expecting just a few weeks of this setup before heading back into our offices. Now, millions of people are still having to work from home and expecting to do so for the foreseeable, which is bringing in huge demand for proper office spaces.
Some homes are choosing to convert their unused rooms into an office space, but some are choosing to extend and build a room specifically designed to work in, a perfect option for those who are going to work from home permanently. Space for a home office is hugely desirable and is likely to be for a long time now, with a large amount of businesses deciding to keep their staff working at home. Think lots of space to keep your things organized, large windows for natural light, and most importantly, some fun décor to give your zoom calls a background to be envied!
These renovation trends are absolutely stunning and help to transform a house into a home, giving us exactly the vibes that we’re looking for this year!

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