Ones to Watch: Golf Courses/Resorts Opening Soon

For years we watched golf courses and resorts close because of inadequate play. Although unfortunate at the time, the golf world was shrinking, and there indeed was no avoiding the issues. However, today things are changing, and with the increase in construction and more people purchasing homes, golf courses are being built yet again. Getting to play a brand new course built by some of the best designers in the world is a real treat. Golfers love a new golf course, and we can certainly relate. We have put together a list of a few golf course openings to keep an eye on in 2021. Some of these are private clubs, so it may take a membership to gain access, yet others will let just about anyone check out their new addition to the world of golf.


Some golf courses are built on a fresh piece of land; others are restored from an old golf course. The Quixote club is set to open in late 2021, and it is a complete renovation and redesign of an old Donald Ross golf club. Donald Ross is one of the most famous golf course designers of all time.
With Donald Ross’s courses, it is important to save what we can of his vision and bring in modern touches to make the course more member friendly. This club is located in Sumter, South Carolina, and it will be a private membership.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Quixote golf club, which is sure to be one of the best golf tracks in South Carolina, is the mission the club has already put into place. As Quixote grows its membership and its profitability, it will continue to build a charter school just down the street from the club. As you can likely imagine, kids lucky enough to go to that school are going to get to enjoy some amazing golf.


The name of this golf club makes it one of the more appealing places to check out in 2021. When you find out who is behind the design of the club, you may want to consider making a road trip. Bobby Weed is the golf course architect, and he has quite a resume to his name.
When Michael Jordan needed an architect for his Grove XXIII course, he chose Weed. With Weed’s history of working with Pete Dye, he was the perfect choice for Jordan and for the Lennar group building Stillwater.
The Stillwater course is going to be user friendly, beautiful, and the heart of the new community in Jacksonville; Fla. Weed understands what members want from a golf course, and he has certainly delivered with the new design in Jacksonville. Stillwater is not the only new course being built in Florida right now, and it’s an exciting time for Florida golfers.

Skamania Lodge

Skamania Lodge is a unique new golf development that brings the game to a greater group of people. Years ago, it was determined that golfers just didn’t have the time to spend on the game. Not only were players not using the golf practice facilities to work on hitting their best drives, iron shots, and wedges, they also weren’t playing.
People were too busy with their everyday lives, and they found that golf didn’t fit in with the schedule. This is where we saw more and more short courses, six hole layouts, and nine hole golf courses being built. When golf can be shortened to an hour or an hour and a half, people have an easier time fitting it in.
In addition, high handicappers and beginners are finding that playing golf should be a bit more fun. In Stevenson, Washington, at the new Skamania Lodge, there will be plenty of fun to be had. What was once a regulation golf course has been transformed into a 9 hole par three and an 18 hole putting course.
The atmosphere will be relaxed, and you won’t need to investigate and purchase illegal golf drivers or illegal golf balls just to be able to score. Simply bring some friends and a positive attitude, and you will greatly enjoy Skamania Lodge.

St. Patricks Links

With a name like St. Patricks Links, you may have imagined this is a golf course set to open in Ireland. This is one to watch out for because it is another in the portfolio of renowned golf course architect Tom Doak.
Doak is known for some of the best courses in America, and St.Patricks Links is his first course in Ireland. Certainly, building in Ireland is a bit of a different process, and it has the golfing world excited to see what Doak was able to do.
The coastal land that the course is being built on would typically be protected and off limits to golf course designers. However, since there was once a golf course in this area, Doak is simply calling this a rebuild. We know he has some strong feelings about the future of St.Patricks Links as he has become an investor himself.


After a very successful career in the game of golf, Ben Crenshaw transitioned seamlessly into golf course design. He has created some contemporary golf course masterpieces through the years. We can’t help but notice that many of Crenshaws designs focus on the importance of the short game. Certainly, this makes sense considering his history and ability to score low around the greens.
The Brambles golf course is located in California, and it is truly one of the best choices on the list if you want to try and gain access to the course. Although the Brambles club is going to be a private golf course, it will welcome guest play.
This concept is a newer model, but it is giving the golf course a bit of a smarter avenue and plan when it comes to revenue. Giving a bit of access to the course helps the club pull in quite a bit more money each year.
The Brambles golf course project has been planned for a little over ten years. Although we completely understand the importance of planning and preparation, this is a long project. Golfers in the area are excited to see this club finally take shape and give them a unique golf opportunity in the area.
If you have never played a Crenshaw design, head out to Middletown, California, and give this one a try.


Before you head out to purchase the latest golf equipment of 2021, it may make sense to look at the newest golf course openings. With more and more facilities adding nine hole designs, thirteen hole designs, or short courses, that new golf driver may no longer be the most important club in the bag. We are enjoying seeing the world of golf take off again and the construction and design opportunities that go alongside that. Even though designers like Pete Dye and Donald Ross are no longer with us, their inspiration is being carried through so many of these new designs. These classic golf course layouts and facilities will give more players the chance to enjoy the game we all love.

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