Numbers To Know When Your House Gets Damaged

A number of natural factors can cause a damaged house. It could be heavy rains or strong winds like hurricanes. Hurricanes are the most common cause of damaged buildings in the USA. They’re natural events and not necessarily disasters that should be controllable especially in these times of advancing technology, sophisticated research, solid building equipment, geographical information systems and systematic warning strategies.
Though, very preventable, deliberate actions must be taken to safeguard communities against these natural hazardous events. Disaster mitigation plans and efforts should be included in every structural development plan and/or building project. Everyone must be required to value their building with natural hazard impact tests and assessments to present structures that are more damage-resistant in times of disasters by hurricanes and destructive storms.
In the aftermath of a rather turbulent storm, several services such as power, telecommunications, gas, water and sewerage cease to work. Many times, you may require emergency abodes, welfare services, some money, food and water. But who do you call at this perilous time?
Roofs receive the first impact in a disaster. Windows and doors are the next most vulnerable elements that must be given quite some attention during building planning and construction. Unfortunately, they’re still poorly designed for disaster resistibility even when the professionals are employed for that purpose. People in hurricane-prone zones still use the cheap simple glass windows and doors instead of the more expensive impact-resistant ones that can stand the most daring flying objects peculiar with hurricanes.
To curb the consistent damaging impact left by hurricanes on buildings year over, new buildings need to be designed with storm shutters that would be integrated into the permanent structure. Apart from fortifying the glass windows, doors need to be done with burly bolts or braces and fixed solidly in the walls.
There could still be needed for help even after taking all the precautions to fortify your house against storms. Here are a few numbers you must keep handy in case your house gets damaged:

The Number Of Repair Professionals

After a storm, you need to assess your home and the rest of your properties for damage. Do some photo-taking too for insurance purposes. Watch out for the debris from damaged buildings and carefully stack them away from water meters and telephone lines.
The next thing you have to do is to call your repair professionals to come check things out and make some repairs if possible. You may be lucky your home didn’t receive much of an impact and there are only a few minor repairs to do.
The first repair person on the list you’re to call is the roof repair professional. There are seasoned professionals for roof replacement or repair in Pittsburgh. They look out for loose fastening devices and damaged or lost roof sheets. They tighten and replace them respectively. They increase the number of fasteners on the roofs to forestall future roof problems during a high storm.

Other repair professionals whose number you should have in hand are the window and door repair professionals. They’ll fix latches and bolts and hinges.
You may need to call the masons, plumbers, HVAC professionals and electricians too.
As touching repairs, never attempt any repairs by yourself on your home except you’re a  qualified professional. DIYing repairs could put you and/or your family at risk. It can even lead to more serious damages to the building that the insurer would decline to take responsibility for.
When the case of leaving the home for a while becomes more evident, you must make sure you secure your home before leaving. This is because you’re still solely the responsibility bearer in terms of the security of the home; at least, until a completed assessment.

The Number Of Your Insurance Company

The insurance company is to be contacted if there have been severe damages that’ll be needing permanent repairs. Insurance companies are always 24/7 available. They can even provide you with a temporary home, some food and some cash to hold as pocket money to get yourself back together.
They’ll usually come around for inspection to confirm the extent to which the property has been damaged before deciding the best offerings for compensation and settlements. You don’t have to worry. It is their duty to get your house back to its original look.
These numbers are numbers you must always have handy just in case of an emergency. Having them gives you the hope that there is still someone to look out for you even in the environmental crises. The only big deal is to make sure your phone is always fully charged. What good is a phone with a flat battery when you need to make life-saving calls?

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