Neolith industry innovation with ICONIC DESIGN

Neolith has just launched a revolutionary generation of surfaces known as Neolith Iconic Design, that is produced using the sintered stone industry’s most advanced 3D printing technology. Adhering to the company’sstringent product philosophy and brand principles focused on design, innovation and sustainability — Neolith Iconic Design takes the company’s product line to a whole new level. This revolutionary breakthrough product sets all new standards in the sintered stone industry as it combines the latest in decorating, technology, and art throughout the product’s manufacturing process.

The long-awaited launch, which was presented to Neolith’s top customers and business partners from more than 80 different countries at an invitation-only event at Neolith’s world headquarters in Castellón, Spain. Thanks to the revolutionary 3D printing technology, the product features integrated design throughout its entire volume. The new technology enables Neolith to manufacture unique and natural reproductions with an infinite number of decorating resources such as geometric projections, transparencies, and semi-transparencies and with a wide range of unique, never before seen surface textures.

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Patented Technology

Neolith’s proprietary advanced 3D printing technology enables the company to create unique surfaces with impressive designs, and near-zero production limitations. This in-house, patented technology is the result of more than two years of diligent work in Neolith’s Research, Design and Innovation Department in response to the needs of sector professionals and consumer insights, now giving the brand the opportunity to offer architects and designers exclusive design tools to turn their creations into reality with no limits on their imaginations.

Neolith Iconic Design reflects a major commitment to 100% real 3D decorating, which enables the use of brighter colors and greater depth. It also opens doors to new textures offering possibilities never imagined in this industry. The new development is of great value particularly for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

This ambitious project, which was supported with an investment of more than three million dollars, is backed by the CDTI (Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development) and is part of Neolith’s industrial expansion plan. The project has allowed it to create a patent family and to enter several collaboration agreements with various first-rate international technology partners, all in line with the company’s strategic plans to always be equipped with the most modern technological advances and successfully implement them.

3D Sustainable with 0% Silica in the Formula

A world-leader in design, technology and sustainability, Neolith is manufactured in a carbon neutral environment. The company’s unwavering commitment along with Neolith’s sustainable DNA have led it to become the most environmentally friendly materials available, inspiring new architectural trends in interior and exterior applications.

With the launch of Neolith Iconic Design, Neolith is at the forefront of innovation upon presenting a surface that’s unique in composition and appearance. Based on a new formula, Neolith Iconic Design is silica-free, which is completely revolutionary as the lowest percentage in the industry ever.

Moreover, 100% of the energy used to produce this new generation of surfaces comes from renewable sources, and all the water used in the process is recycled. This new manufacturing, patent and certification process meets one of the great demands in the market, thus creating new opportunities for design and application in addition to simplifying the installation work.

About Neolith

Founded in 2009, Neolith is the world’s leading sintered stone brand.

It’s a revolutionary and innovative architectural surface with superior technical characteristics made of 100% all-natural raw materials.

Designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding needs in the world of architecture and interior design, Neolith stands out due to its quality, versatility, durability, elegance, and sustainability.

Worldwide, Neolith, has become an essential style element for any kitchen, bathroom, facade, floor, and even exclusive designer furnishings for indoor and outdoor areas with exquisite designs in combination with high performance.

Committed to social responsibility, Neolith is also the first company in its sector to have achieved carbon neutral status in 2019. The company is currently immersed in an expansion plan aimed at key geographic areas such as North America, Europe, China and Australia in order to continue contributing to the creation of unique spaces and extraordinary experiences featuring sustainable functional design in the more than 100 countries where it is present through direct distribution as well as an extensive sales and partner network.

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