Luum Launches Fabric of Space Collection

Luum, combining creativity with performance intent, is excited to announce its latest collection, Fabric of Space. The collection of five textiles by Suzanne Tick takes inspiration from the qualities of the ever-expanding universe, where the matrices of time, matter, and energy weave together to create the world around us. Using new textile techniques, Luum translates the vivid colors and patterns of the stars, the vibrational qualities of sound and light, and the geological layers of Earth into textile form. Renewable and recycled fibers and cutting-edge weaving and coating techniques produce multi-layered materiality for the contemporary interior. 
“Fabric of Space mirrors the building blocks of our universe, with its networks of layers and patterns at many scales, awakening us more fully to our place in the world,” says Suzanne Tick, Creative Director at Luum Textiles. “Representing the hierarchical structure of the universes’ building blocks, we witness the expansive choreography of the galaxy in Emergent, the patterns of star trails seen in Formwork, the frequency of sound waves and its effects on our senses seen in Spectral Array and the rooted layers of earth seen in Welded and Graviton.” 
Spectral Array 
As we readjust to new environments and ways of communicating, acoustics are a pivotal part of our sensory and emotional experience in a space. Spectral Array’s multi-color, large-scale pattern nods directly to this phenomenon, taking inspiration from spectrograms; diagrams that map the amplitude of light and sound waves emitted during a physical event, such as the firing of neurons in the brain. Spectral Array’s generous pattern, at 54” horizontal and 110” vertical, envelops the user in organic, colorful movement and opens the possibilities for large expanses of color and pattern on furniture. Independent moments of chenille and slub yarns collage together, creating a greater whole, bringing softness and luxury to the hand of the fabric for a tactile experience. Spectral Array comes in 8 distinctive colorways, is bleach cleanable, and has high-UV indoor lightfast performance. 
Equal parts wool-blend and cotton, Emergent combines renewable yarns into a new hybrid material. Using a needle punch process, Emergent’s highly unique and tactile surface is created when color contrasting boucle cotton loops emerge through the surface of the smooth and heathered wool-blend face. With its all over texture and no visible pattern repeat, Emergent’s speckled surface is reminiscent of the abundance of stars in the night sky. Emergent upholsters beautifully on the curves of furniture and comes in 11 color combinations ranging from vivid to classic, allowing for a variety of applications. 
Star trails and constellations in the night sky informed Formwork’s pattern, a unique take on a classic jacquard twill, carefully designed with a subtle, organic pattern within its linear weave structure. A scientific approach to color created the structural iridescence seen in Formwork’s 12 colorways, activating the pattern at all angles and enhancing the form of furniture for upholstery, wrapped walls, panels and screens. With its bleach cleanable and partially recycled polyester fibers, Formwork maintains the ideal performance characteristics for the flexible spaces of today. 
Graviton, a textural multipurpose textile comprised of 100% cationic and dispersed recycled polyester, achieves a new and differentiated surface thanks to its innovative fiber and yarn spinning technology. Recycled cationic and disperse components are tacked together at longer than usual intervals, allowing the yarn to roll and twist on itself in the warp and weft when woven into greige goods. Once cross dyed, the darker cationic and lighter disperse components seem to appear and disappear at random in the weave structure, an interaction which creates a chunky, variegated surface. Graviton is suitable for use on upholstery, wrapped walls, panels and screens and comes in 16 colors. 
Welded upholstery brings the art of woven textiles to coated form using a new fusing technology. Like the Earth’s core and crust, Welded is multi-layered: colorwork was developed from scratch, and polyester fibers were woven into a ground cloth to create a color-and-weave effect, a technique where alternating light and dark or contrasting colors of yarns work together to achieve a dimensional effect. The ground cloth is then coated with a clear thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE. Welded’s coating behaves as a clear barrier, making it ink and stain-resistant, wipeable, bleach cleanable, and highly upholsterable for high traffic areas such as healthcare, education, and workplace. 

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January 26th, 2023
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