Landscaping Tips & Tricks: Get the Most Out of A Yard

Everyone loves a picturesque lawn to look out over after a long day while sitting on the porch. And though this might seem like a perfect way to relax the day away, perhaps even while sipping on a nice cocktail, the truth is that many homeowners aren’t using their property to its fullest potential.  
No matter how big or small your yard is, by incorporating a bit of creativity along with a little landscaping finesse, you can turn the most mundane yard into a place that makes people want to stop and look around. And the best part is, that you typically don’t have to break the bank to achieve this goal. 
Some of the simplest landscaping steps can actually lead to you having a beautiful yard. From keeping control of pests and weeds to adding landscaping elements, every step you take plays a part in how your whole yard will eventually look. 
Here, we’ll explore a few landscaping tips and tricks for getting the most out of your yard.  

Be Creative with Your Planning 

It’s quite easy to plan a day or two each month to take care of yard work. During this time, you might decide that you’re going to cut the grass, trim the hedgerow, or even pull a few weeds. But if you want your yard to eventually have that coveted curb appeal that all homeowners love, you’re going to need to plan for much more. 
For example, if you’re looking to plant a floral garden and you want to get the most out of your yard, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions.  
What kind of plants are you going to grow? How much sunlight (and shade) do they need daily? What’s the path of the sun over your property? How much annual rainfall do your chosen plants require? 
Additionally, here are a few points that you should consider: 

  • Know your exact property lines 
  • Understand the growth cycle of all plants and foliage you want to have 
  • Learn how deep your water table is during dry seasons  
  • Learn how to spot problems with pests and weeds 
  • Learn how to spot invasive species  

Once you understand the finer nuances of your property, you’ll have a much easier time on paper when you draw out your dream design and put your plan into action. 

Less is Often More 

If you do too little, nobody is going to notice. But if you do too much, everyone will. And this is the fine line that you have to walk. Essentially, you need to find the “divine mean” between excess and deficiency when it comes to what you want to incorporate into your lawn. 
For example, perhaps you’d like to build planters around a few of your trees. This is a subtle touch that can add depth and structure to any lawn.  
But if you’re going to build a planter around every tree, this might be overdoing it. And the same is true for landscaping structures such as grottos, pergolas, gazebos, and the like. Too much might end up looking more like an encampment, and this can confound your overall design. 

Utilize Natural Elements  

There’s nothing better than using the elements that you have around you in a creative way. And natural landscaping is actually more popular now than it has been in recent years. 
For example, using native plants in your landscape not only allows you to add beauty to your property, but it’s also actually better for the environment as a whole. Native plants rely on local rainfall, so you’ll use far less water (if you need to water at all) than you would with imported species. 
Further, if you have low-lying areas on your property, these may serve as natural hillslope erosion points or drainage areas where the water table is higher. In this situation, you can create drainage areas using local rocks to help keep the erosion to a minimum. Or you may choose to plant native grasses which will use the water and allow roots to grow deeper and keep your property from eroding.  
In addition, local wildlife and helpful pollinators love native plants and florals. And this is an added bonus when you can help out your local ecosystem. 
At the end of the day, there are many ways to beautify your property. But above all, a solid plan should be put in place before you go out and begin modifying your yard if you hope to see the best results. 

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