Kubota Excavator Showcase

The Kubota Company since its inception has come a long way and are leading the mini excavator market which are currently being widely used in all types of construction projects. The machines produced by Kubota’s especially within the mini excavator market have gained reputation across the globe. From Europe and North America right up to its domestic Japanese market, Asian countries and Australia, the Kubota mini excavators are acknowledged for their advanced and unique features and as well as their amenities. The Kubota brand is suitable for all construction related projects including road works, placing pipe networks, landscaping and even marine works.
The capability of Kubota excavators is owed to the various and multiple hydraulic attachments that they are able to accommodate. Below is a brief on the Kubota U17-3 & U15- 3 mini excavator that can usually be obtained through mini excavator hire for approximately $200 per day. Excavators for hire are usually the most feasible business strategy for medium sized construction companies.
U17-3 & U15 - 3
Kubota mini excavators are developed with one singular objective and that is none other than customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is always the delicate balance between price and performance. Both these machines are perfect solutions for tasks that are required to be performed within very tight spaces because these compact excavators deliver not just the needed power, but also provides unprecedented control and inimitable performance. Offering 11.8KW/ 16.0 HP - 2,300 RPM, on both rubber and steel crawlers weighing approximately between 1,570 and 1,640KG, these Kubota machines deliver sufficient power and are totally reliable as far as the project goes owed to the superior horsepower of Kubota engines.
The performances of these machines are further enhanced despite the low noise, vibration and excellent fuel efficiency. The digging depth of the U17-3 of 231 meters efficiently and rapidly is just the tip of the iceberg and the bucket breakout force of 15.2kN (1545kgf) is way higher than any other excavators for hire in the market. The digging radius of the Kubota U17-3 is a whopping 390 meters not to mention the vertical wall digging depth of 191 meters which makes it a superstar within its own class. These machines also sport variable or adjustable track width that may be altered by the flick of a switch which makes it perfect for working in narrow areas.
The boom cylinder, boom swing coupled with the H・M・S Hydraulic System which is easily maintained due to the two-piece dozer hose design, track tension spring, shielded front hoses and motor hoses all controllable from a digital panel which is user-friendly. The entire digital control panel features a one-touch button system which also displays time, total working hours and of course the engine rpm. A code system warning lamp also comes up on display to alert the operator if the systems start to fail for instance, overheating, hydraulic malfunction or issues with the battery.
The digital panel is also easily accessible has a simpler setting that keeps the operator updated on how the machine is doing at all times.

will be held January 26th, 2023, Noon to 4 PM EST with Atlanta locals in person and rest of country virtual via Zoom.

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January 26th, 2023
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