Knowing the ABC of Measured Building Surveying in London

Knowing the ABC of Measured Building Surveying in London

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Whether for extensive renovation work, property valuation, or facility management purposes, performing an accurate measured building survey is an important part of understanding any real estate asset in London.

A measured survey goes beyond a regular site inspection by utilizing precise measurement tools and techniques to fully document the building from the inside out. This level of thorough physical data collection and analysis is invaluable for construction professionals, appraisers, and property owners.

This article will provide an in-depth look at the step-by-step process that surveyors follow when conducting a measured building survey in the city of London. We will explore how surveys are planned and coordinated, the on-site measurement and inspection protocols used, what deliverables are generated, and how measured survey results support a variety of construction and real estate goals.

Coordinating the Site Survey

The first step in a measured building survey is careful planning and coordination. The surveyor begins by reviewing any existing building plans or documents. They also research any permit requirements needed to access and closely examine the interior and exterior.

Coordinating with building owners and managers is essential to schedule survey dates and arrange access to all areas of interest. Scoping meetings helps align expectations, as the surveyor must understand focal points and any potential obstacles.

A strategic plan is made in advance regarding logistics like personnel, equipment, and quality control processes. When the preparation is complete, the on-site measurement phase can commence.

Thorough On-Site Measurement Is Required

On-site surveys require gathering precise physical dimensions with specialized tools. A team of surveyors utilizes laser measuring devices, total stations, and 3D scanners to methodically capture written and photographic records of all structural and mechanical elements. Click here to learn more about how surveyors leverage 3D laser scanning today.

Floor plans, elevations, and component specifications are logged in a sequence matching how the building is constructed. For larger properties, surveys may take several days to fully complete internal recordings. Exterior measurements are also taken with survey-grade GPS to ensure proper spatial alignment.

Collectively, the crew works diligently to leave no detail overlooked. Once in the office, recordings undergo thorough review against quality standards to address any inconsistencies before documentation is finalized.

Documenting Dimensions, Features and Materials

Concurrently measured dimensions, comprehensive notes, and high-resolution photos further contextualize construction aspects. Unique attributes, materials, and sequential numbering systems are thoroughly described and geotagged to corresponding areas in floor plans.

Special attention records any existing issues, deviations, or necessary repairs across various building systems too. Material samples may supplement visual records as needed.

Wall types, structural specifications, and mechanical/electrical equipment are fully itemized. Having captured a verified multi-dimensional account of the physical building, any application of survey data for assessment or planning can proceed confidently.

Inspecting the Building Systems and Structure

Beyond capturing dimensional measurements, the surveyor conducts a thorough physical inspection of the building. A comprehensive examination of all component systems and construction materials is performed.

Electrical systems are closely evaluated, such as wiring, panels, and fixtures. The surveyor also assesses plumbing infrastructure like pipes, pumps, and water heating equipment.

Structural elements such as framing members and building materials are carefully evaluated as well.

Through the close physical inspection, the surveyor thoroughly identifies any existing damage, degradation, or non-compliance issues across the various building systems and materials. Inspection notes produced by the surveyor precisely document the specific locations and detailed nature of any deficiencies detected.

Producing the Survey Deliverables

Once fieldwork is complete, surveyors utilize specialized software to create detailed 2Dand 3D architectural models from the captured data. Dimensioned floor plans, elevation sketches, and section views are produced. System-specific plans depict electrical, plumbing, and framing elements. You can gain helpful insights into 2D and 3Dmodelling by reading:

Accompanying written reports outline the survey methodology, significant findings, and areas requiring attention. Construction quantities, takeoffs, and material specifications are also generated. Supplementary documentation such as raw measurement logs, formatted checklists, and sample materials further substantiate the deliverables.

These survey materials provide clarity around existing physical conditions to inform downstream construction or redevelopment activities.

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance

Quality control is essential for guaranteeing the value of a measured building survey. Surveyors follow prescribed protocols for instrumentation, annotation, documentation formatting, and regulatory compliance. Teams adhere to best practices for surveying methods, documentation standards, and jurisdictional rules.

Rigorous checking occurs at each stage of work. Surveyors verify that dimensional recordings and written notes are free from errors or omissions. For additional review, a senior surveyor performs random inspections of on-site measurements.
Once projects are complete, managerial reviews check for contractual fulfillment. Survey findings also undergo quality reviews before finalization. This multi-level quality assurance process ensures the precision of data.
Resources Available at Survey Companies
Quality assurance is only possible through the extensive technical and personnel resources available to leading measured building survey companies in London. These firms invest in innovative technologies like 3D laser scanning to rapidly capture building data with precision. They also leverage highly trained human resources including licensed surveyors and BIM technicians.
Larger companies can staff international teams, ensuring timely delivery for global clients. With advanced tools and expertise at their disposal, survey companies in London can provide thorough and compliant measurements and documentation for even the most complex projects. Their mix of resources allows for efficiency while meeting the highest quality control standards, as discussed in the prior section.
Wrap Up
Conducting an accurately measured building survey is a crucial yet intricate process. When performed according to prescribed standards, it can capture a comprehensive digital record of a property’s existing physical conditions.
The multi-step methodology outlined here leverages both specialized technology and expert human skills. Surveyors first meticulously plan and coordinate access to the building. Utilizing high-precision tools, they then systematically record dimensional data, notes, and photos both inside and out.

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