Know Your Construction Vehicle Tires

How are OTR tires produced? 
The performance of a tire exhibits the production process it went through. The makers need to take care of the quality at every level to ensure the outcome. Aspects like productivity, safety, and reduction of negative environmental impacts are essential considerations. Trying to ensure all of these aspects while making a tire can be quite tough.
A good tire manufacturing company work towards improving quality and innovation every day. They go through continuous trial and research to ensure that their products come out in the best possible form. You need to ensure that the place you purchase the tires from, assures you of such quality and support.
What are OTR tires?
Tires have different variants and are manufactured according to a particular vehicle. The OTR tires are known as off-the-road tires and are built to withstand heavy weight. They can roll through conditions that would mark the regular car tires dead! These are used for heavy-duty work and required for construction purposes.
When it comes to choosing an OTR tire, you can always reach out to industry experts like Monster Tires, for detailed overviews on tread type, PLY options, load ratings and general brand suggestions. There are hundreds of manufactures that make tires for many applications such as construction, agriculture, mining and industrial. It is important to understand which manufactures specialize in each application. The top manufactures are Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear. Again, a company like can help you decide which manufacture is best for your specific application.
How are OTR tires produced?
The production of tires is definitely complicated and comes with several considerations. Every company needs to ensure high technology to ensure excellence at each level. There are strict methods to produce OTR tires and maintain quality at every stage. The following process tells you how this is done:
Tire producers need to use around 200 components to create the product. It starts with the raw materials that include carbon black, sulfur, chemicals, and more. It then needs semi-finished products like steel cords, fabric, textile, and more.

  1. Assembling

The second step of assembling helps the manufacturers use the raw materials and semi-finished goods get in the right direction. They shape the product with their skill and expertise and the most essential asset here is their knowledge and excellence.

  1. Curing

The process of curing converts the material of the tire from a plastic state to an elastic state. It is called vulcanization and creates a composite structure between components of the tire. This step is possible with special presses with the help of pressure and heat. It can take almost 12 hours to complete this step, depending on the size of the tire. Curing gives the product its final shape and physical appearance.

  1. Quality check

From the time the manufacturers buy raw materials, right up to the time the product is complete – there must be strict quality checks. Monitoring this system is essential to ensure that the final product will live up to the mark. After the curing process, the makers go through different methods to verify the product. It includes visual appearance, x-ray, architecture, uniformity and even ultrasound.
OTR tires are necessary for vehicles at work sites. You might need to log a forest, build roads with your vehicle or traverse through quarry mine. The right good set of OTR tires will help you go through the task in a proper way.
You must turn to the best company that offers you quality OTR tires at the right price. Ensure about every detail on how the tires are produced to know what you are in for. You need to be mindful while purchasing these tires. Ask questions and see how the expert manufacturers respond to them. Let them resolve your doubts before you make the investment. OTR tires last long and offer great support, so having the right quality will take you miles.

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