Join for pursuit helps general contractors win more projects by enhancing collaboration, visibility, and trust 

Join, the decision-making platform for the built environment, provides general contractors with a powerful collaboration solution that helps them win more proposals by building unprecedented trust and transparency with owners. 

Join enables general contractors to consolidate essential real-time project data and share highly accessible decision-making insights with owners and other stakeholders in a real-time, comprehensive, collaborative ecosystem. Join has become an essential tool for general contractors and their stakeholders using design-build, construction manager at risk, CM-GC and other negotiated project deliveries. Eighty-four percent of users report using Join for pursuit on multiple projects totaling tens of billions of dollars in project value.  

“General contractors who can instill confidence and establish trust in owners have a powerful, competitive advantage during the proposal process,” said Andrew Zukoski, co-founder and CEO of Join. “When using Join for pursuit, general contractors can demonstrate to owners and design teams the unique collaborative capabilities necessary for making timely decisions, tracking accountability and ensuring projects stay on time and on budget. Our decision-making solution allows general contractors to build immediate trust that enhances their proposals and can generate loyal clients.” 

Traditional collaboration and decision-making methods result in siloed, disconnected data. Many of these projects suffer from a lack of accountability because stakeholders are equipped with outdated information and little context from supporting documents, while tasked with translating spreadsheets into meaningful action items.  

Join offers general contractors an interactive, real-time decision-making platform that enhances accountability and communication while streamlining decisions and reducing risk. With Join, general contractors can:  

·        Eliminate spreadsheets so owners have confidence they’re seeing accurate real-time information.  

·        Improve accessibility and accuracy for owners by making it easy to categorize and break down job and budgetary data.  

·        Centralize all supporting documentation around a decision into a single shared location.  

·        Enhance accountability across stakeholders through accurate recorded decision-making history.  

“When the competition’s strategy for owner communication is multiple spreadsheets and shared drives, Join users have the opportunity to differentiate themselves by demonstrating the clarity and visibility they bring to every project,” Zukoski said. “Connecting and empowering owners at this stage of a project helps build the kind of relationships that drive growth and success in this industry. Join enables stakeholders to have a comprehensive view of project decisions – from the early conceptual stage in preconstruction to the construction stage – providing a reference to how and why decisions were made.”  

Join simplifies decision-making in construction. As the only software that addresses the multidisciplinary nature of AEC decision-making, Join enables stakeholders to gain real-time visibility into each decision and its impact. For more information, visit 

About Join 

Join, the decision-making platform for the built environment, is a collaboration software that addresses the multidisciplinary nature of AEC decision-making. Join allows all stakeholders to gain real-time visibility into each decision and its impact. Industry leaders use Join to make timely and smart decisions that drive projects forward. Visit 

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January 26th, 2023
The 13th Annual Hybrid Summit will be held on January 26th, 2023 Noon to 4 PM EST.

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