Install Casual New England Style Kitchen: Get it Right

Almost everyone falls in love with practicality and the innate simplicity of the New England kitchen design! It’s rustic and elegant. The design comprises multiple nuances comprising farmhouse or colonial style in the palette, making use of nautical white, blue, classic neutrals, which at times get combined with natural and earthy accents.  

How should you design this kitchen style? 
The relevance of this simple décor style is a mix of function and comfort. Think of a kitchen space that enables you to steam up several fresh shellfish. Or an area where you can enjoy your scones and coffee. Homeowners often feel that installing this style is challenging and not everyone's cup of tea. Equipped with the proper guidelines, you can design your kitchen space in this décor. The following pointers can help you to get going about it: 

  • Keep the kitchen cabinetry simple 

Your kitchen space should be practical and functional. Hence, keep the cabinetry open, fresh, and simple. The mantra here is "less is more." It would help if you removed all the frills. The design can comprise of a rural or colonial impact, or a farmhouse style, with an open floor plan. You can also streamline the décor with new-age influences. Take a furniture-like tactic when you are selecting the cabinetry. Say yes to the kitchen island or the stand-alone shelving and cabinet. Comfortable seating is an essential element here.  

  • Focus on practicality, function, and quality 

This kitchen décor counts on high-end craftsmanship and fine natural materials. You will invariably find a functional kitchen island to help in storage, food preparation, seating, and cookware. There will also be a seating arrangement for two people or the added guest. The impact of the initial Plymouth Rock settlers is evident here. Even there is an influence of the Shakers that settled in some regions of New England.  

  • Getting the sink design correct 

As the style dictates, the sinks for this kitchen décor should be utility-based and look sober. It would help if you chose a durable, sturdy sink that can fit well in the kitchen space. Since most interior décor experts recommend a stainless-steel sink option, the large apron kitchen basin seems to be a natural fit for this design. It is neither very big nor bulky and gets the work done correctly. You can place it strategically so that it complements the overall kitchen design.  

  • Get the neutral seaside colors 

One of the core elements of the New England kitchen décor is the natural colors reminiscent of the sky, sand, and sea. The palette got initially cleaved from the raw natural pigments. You will find an abundance of matte finishes. It would help if you thought about variations of white, seafoam greens, greys, and the subtle seafaring blues. The classic accents in the dark denote the traditional New England coastal style. Also, choose the earthy textures created by the exposed rafters, stone, wood plank flooring, and bricks.  

  • The architectural details 

It is a blend of the raftered ceilings, large airy windows, wide plank flooring, and tongue and groove paneling that is either whitewashed or exposed. The other essential details include exposed earthy stone or brick, beadboard or wainscoting, rafters, and beams that create the added wood texture.  

  • Bring on the nautical nuances 

The New England coastline showcases the lineage of the successful fishing industry. The nautical style of this area is primarily rugged. Going by the theme, you might want to add nautical accents, cargo-like lighting, industrial metals, stone, and driftwood. It will all bring to mind the elements of the vast coastline and give the space an elusive look. To decide on the elements that will authenticate the theme, you can get in touch with an interior décor expert.  

  • Add a kitchen island for preparing food 

This kitchen design is not complete until you add a kitchen island. The islands are considered a staple décor element of the English home kitchens, usually operated as commercial kitchens with vast preparation tables and sinks, cupboards, and drawers. The functional kitchen island is the heart of your kitchen space. Having zero physical connection to the appliances that surround it and the cabinetry, it stands alone as a central area for preparing food. Alternatively, it can also act as a gathering place when your kitchen has comfortable seating.  

  • Do away with extra detailing 

Since the basic theme of this kitchen décor is practicality, you need to do away with the extra detailing. The kitchens that belonged to the first half of the 20th century didn’t get designed to be flaunted. The detailing level in such spaces is very different than other parts of the house. The New England kitchen décor has simplicity and beauty, which is very similar to the classic American Shaker style, which favors high-end craftsmanship and refined materials instead of elaborate carving and intricate details.  

The Shaker impact on this kitchen décor is prominent. It is mostly because the Shakers had settled in various parts of New England during the American colonization times. Their houses were sparse in details and showcased minimalistic furnishings. Your aim with the New England-style kitchen is to develop spaces that don't have distractions. You can choose to whitewash the room and make the floors from planked wood. The décor has a timeless appeal, and that's what attracts most homeowners. Hence, with minimal décor, the focus automatically moves to the house's architectural aspects, including the beadboard or wainscoting, wide planks floors that are slightly exposed, and the exposed beams.  

It is essential to get observant when you are decorating your kitchen space in this design. Otherwise, you might add excess detailing in one kitchen area and keep the other half basic and simple. That will create a conflict in the design pattern and ruin the room's look. Since you are aware of the basic elements of the New England kitchen décor, you now list down how much of it you wish to approximate it on your existing kitchen décor and implement it by taking the help of an interior décor expert.  

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