Hylytr Luminaries With Near Laser Beam Precision

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) — an international manufacturer of high-performance, commercial luminaires designed for use in office, retail, hospitality, civic and academic environments  — announces the release of Hylytr™.
Featuring ALW’s new, proprietary Double Slot Optics™ light sculpting technology that provides sharp, long-reaching and narrow-beam light emissions, Hylytr LED luminaires offer superior performance in wall grazing, ceiling grazing and long, linear “showcasing” applications.
“Hylytr luminaires deliver greater efficiency, greater uniformity, greater reach and greater beam precision than competing products all in a lens-free and no-glare form,” explains Hylytr creator and ALW Product Developer Don Peifer. “Depending on the specified LED package, Hylytr utilizes as little as 6 watts per linear foot and can uniformly span distances of up to 60 feet.”
Hylytr Wall Grazer dramatically grazes textured and accent walls with 3:1 uniformity all the way down to the floor. Available in recessed and perimeter mounting models, the Wall Grazer has a 2-degree tilt built into the mounting accessories for easy and accurate installation into T-grid, slot and drywall ceilings.
Hylytr Multi-Grazer is an aimable surface-mount model designed to graze walls or ceilings in applications where a cove, soffit or space in the ceiling plenum is non-existent, not accessible or otherwise prohibitive. The Multi-Grazer is available with an optional curved or flat shroud for additional aesthetic appeal.
Hylytr Showcaser is the ideal tool for illuminating slender, elongated expanses with spill-free precision. Available in suspended and recessed models, the Showcaser is ideal for “showcasing” retail countertop displays, lab benches and aisled walkways in arenas, theaters, airports and elsewhere. The suspended Showcaser is available with optional curved or flat aesthetic shrouds.
Hylytr’s efficiency, precision and glare-free performance are achieved through its use of ALW’s new, patent-pending Double Slot Optics platform.
Inspired by quantum mechanics and the acclaimed double-slit experiments, which proved light can behave either as a wave (as with traditional lighting optics) or as a series of particles (as with Hylytr), ALW built off that fountainhead research to create the Double Slot Optics technology.
Utilizing a deep optics chamber which doubles as the luminaire’s housing, LED light is first channeled through a custom, total internal reflection (TIR) glass optic that collimates or narrows the light output into a tight beam. That beam then travels through two sets of “slots” wherein secondary or remnant beam emissions are “clipped” and further cleaned up.
The result is the emission of sharp, finely focused and long-travelling particle-based light void of unwanted, halo-like vignetting. Plus, without a traditional lens, Hylytr’s superior efficiency is maintained and a continuous, uninterrupted line of light is delivered from the luminaire.
All Hylytr models are available with multiple LED lamping options; 0-10 volt, DALI, DMX or HiLume drivers, color temperature options from 2700K to 4000K; and multiple color finish options.
Hylytr photos, specifications and photometry are available online at alwusa.com/hylytr.
About ALW
Since the company’s founding in 2006, Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) has been delivering highly modifiable and configurable luminaires built with quality craftsmanship at competitive prices.
Luminaires are designed with elegant, balanced shapes and strong, understated lines. By combining high-performing precision reflectors with the most energy efficient lamp sources, ALW’s designs are tailor-made to exact project requirements in California and Mexico for the North American market. Additional factories in Great Britain, China and India serve the international marketplace.
ALW’s luminaires are utilized in architectural applications across the globe including installations for such notable enterprises as Microsoft, Volkswagen, Tesla, Verizon, TGI Fridays, Lord & Taylor and Whole Foods.

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