How to Transform a Spare Bedroom Into a Walk-In Closet

Every fashion enthusiast's dream closet is to have one. Converting a spare bedroom into an ideal walk-in space should be easy if you follow some key guidelines.

To enjoy more natural light and enhanced views, consider installing new windows. Replacement windows in Innisfil are energy efficient and offer many other advantages.

Double hangers

Make use of every inch of vertical space when creating a closet in your bedroom, such as installing double hangers to maximize vertical space. Adjustable shelving may also come in handy to accommodate different sized items and slim hangers are a good investment for saving closet space. Furthermore, bins may come in handy to store shoes and other accessories which don't fit on shelves or hangers.

If your bedroom lacks doors, consider opting for pocket or sliding doors instead. This allows clothing storage without intruding on living space and visually opening up the room. If hat collecting is part of your wardrobe's DNA, adding wall hooks inside closet doors provides easy accessibility of accessories visible and at easy reach - as demonstrated by blogger Liz Marie creating clean industrial-looking storage with staggered lengths of galvanized pipe mounted to walls along with rows of hooks for her collection of hats.

Vertical shoe storage

At your fingertips is everything you need to transform an unused bedroom into a walk-in closet with just some creativity and careful planning. Start by clearing away any objects in the space, taking measurements of its dimensions, and gathering a clear image of what this area looks like before starting to think of how best to store your clothes and accessories.

Vertical shoe storage is one of the best ways to maximize your spare bedroom's storage potential. DIY solutions, like Love and Renovations' shoe cubby, or purchase organizers that fit onto your closet rod or in narrow nooks can all help expand the potential.

Shelves along the perimeter of a wall are some of the least utilized spaces in an apartment, yet taking advantage of them could add thousands of square feet of storage space. Installing floating shelves above doors is another effective way to use up spare corners more effectively.

Open garment rack

Subverting a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet is an excellent way to increase storage space in your home. By employing custom closet design techniques, transforming an cramped room into a luxurious closet provides plenty of storage for clothes, shoes and accessories - reputable closet design companies will assist in finding a solution that meets both your needs and budget.

An open garment rack is an efficient and simple solution to increase storage in your closet. Easy to install and suitable for any door type, these racks should be secured using screws or drywall anchors when mounted to walls for best results.

Mirrors are essential components of any closet, particularly if they will be used for trying on outfits. Installing free-standing mirrors creates the illusion of more space; three-way mirrors give an in-depth view.

Casement window

Transforming a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet takes creativity and careful planning. Before starting, clear away all objects and furniture from the room before measuring available space to use for layout planning using a closet design program. You should then choose window styles which complement both aesthetics and storage needs of the room.

Casement window installation in a bedroom can provide stunning views while its slim profile and easy operation make it suitable for many architectural styles. Furthermore, its top-of-the-line ventilation levels make this an excellent addition.

Note that sunlight can fade your clothes over time, so installing blinds to shield your belongings. Furthermore, choose appropriate lighting such as recessed or strip lighting - however avoid incandescent bulbs which produce heat which could harm delicate fabrics. You could even consider installing a telescopic valet rod to hold clothing items. Innisfil windows and doors has experienced and knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions or concerns to help you make the right product selection.


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