How To Remove Asbestos From Your House?

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According to the Australian Asbestos Network, approximately one million homes in Australia have Asbestos in their sheeting. If you are someone who has recently come across Asbestos in your home, here is a guide for you to understand what it is, what it does to your body, and how it can be removed from your home. 
What is Asbestos? 
Asbestos is an inorganically occurring mineral that can be mined anywhere in the world. It was a highly desirable material in the construction industry in the 20th century due to its ability to withstand fire, heat, and electricity. Its structure was composed of thin and long fibrils. If you live in a house that dates back to the 20th century, then it has a high chance of asbestos being used in its construction.  
How does asbestos affect health? 
As per various research studies, it has been identified that Asbestos is very harmful to the body. If its fibers are disturbed or even so much as abrased, they become airborne and can be easily inhaled. It causes great damage to the respiratory system and can lead to serious medical conditions like pleural plaques, mesothelioma, asbestosis, and even lung cancer. As of December 2003, Asbestos has been banned in Australia due to its dangerous nature.  
How can you remove asbestos from your home? 
Hiring an asbestos abatement company is the safest and most reliable way of asbestos removal. These companies have the resources and experience of asbestos removal and have specialized tools and materials to eliminate asbestos. For instance, if you are looking for asbestos removal companies in Brisbane, Australia, you can hop onto any search engine and type; ‘asbestos removal Brisbane,’ you’ll immediately see the best asbestos removal companies near you. Please go through them all and choose the best as per your preference.  
A good example is Asbestos Removal Australia (ARA), an organization that works solely for asbestos removal and provides you consultation and licensed experts. They ensure that all the old homes have safe asbestos removal because it can be extremely harmful and potent if broken or abrased. 
Some people take matters into their own hands and believe that they’ll be able to contain the situation, but they only end up making it worse. It is highly advised that you DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF. Many experts have said that this will only result in greater damage, both to your home and health.  
Following are the steps that will help you in asbestos removal in a systematic process: 

  1. Look for a good asbestos abatement organization in your area; call their professionals to analyze your home. They know the standard protocols to be followed to minimize exposure and maximize proper monitoring. The experts will run a few tests to determine how much asbestos has penetrated your home. It is always recommended to go for the best and not think too much about money when it comes to asbestos removal as it is good for your house and health. 
  1. If the tests come back positive, the expert will advise you to get it removed and describe its location, the extent of damage, and proper recommendations for prevention in great detail to ensure you understand the severity of the situation. 
  1. You’ll be advised not to go into the contaminated area and might even have to evacuate the home for the removal to begin. Either way, you must keep your family out of the area. 
  1. After the asbestos removal company performs a full-scale removal, they will ask you to come back for re-checking and repairs to ensure that the contaminated area has been cleaned of asbestos.  

Important tips while removing asbestos: 

  1. Involve your local air pollution control board and the agency responsible for worker safety to see that all protocols are being met. 
  1. It is advised that homeowners ask for a disposal manifest before they pay the bill for the abatement company and verify that all the waste has gone to a licensed landfill actively involved in asbestos elimination.   
  1. Ensure that all workers responsible for asbestos removal are wearing proper equipment, respirators, and other protective gear that helps them avoid exposure.  
  1. When the contractor is about to remove the containment system, he has set up to contain the contamination, call the industrial hygiene specialist(s) to evaluate the property, asking them to reexamine the site to ensure that there are no more asbestos fibers in the air anymore.  

Bottom Line: 
If you believe your home has any asbestos-containing materials like pipe insulation, door gaskets on furnaces, heat-resistant boards and paper materials, vinyl flooring, tile adhesives, popcorn ceiling, perform a thorough inspection of your home. It will save you from any disease and help you lead a better and safer lifestyle. In addition, it is essential to get help from professionals whenever you want your home asbestos-free. Never try to remove asbestos on your own.   
Hope this article be of great help to you. Happy Reading. 

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