How to Market Your Restaurant in a Tech Economy

In an ever-shifting economy how does one keep both on trend and brand when it comes to marketing in the restaurant business?  
One thing is for sure; if you’re not focusing on marketing you’re sure to get left behind. These days, restaurants require consistent and targeted online presence in order to generate foot traffic — it’s that simple. 
Through some targeted categories, we’ll help you understand the areas you need to know about and identify the ones that require improvement at the moment. 
If you’re ready to take your restaurant business to the next level — read on! 

Have You Made The Technological Shift? 

The first step in moving toward a more productive marketing system is accepting those tactics that need to be left in the past. In the old days, restaurants relied largely on word of mouth and in-store branding to gain recognition. Newspapers and magazines were used to display adverts on occasion. 
While word of mouth is still a large part of successful marketing today, the latter mediums are not. Gone are the days of people looking to print media for the best places to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. As technology has grown it has brought with it an array of alternate media forms that deliver information and marketing to a broader audience. 
The benefits of this technological shift in the marketing world include: 
-   Real-time information; No time delay in getting the message out 
-   Increased contact with the audience 
-   Data analysis allows us to collect statistics based on viewership occurring by the second 
-   Said data can be used to create and deliver more accurate content in the future 
-   Information is accessible by more people than ever before 

The Nature of Restaurant Marketing 

Like any business, restaurants require thoughtful, targeted content in order to achieve their desired results. So, what is the end goal of marketing in the restaurant game? More people through the doors, sitting down and dining. It’s that simple.  
The average American is estimated to eat out between four and five times a week. That means you have between four and five opportunities, per person, per week, to drive their interest toward your establishment. 
Easy enough, right? 
Using the technology available in this day and age, it actually is. By observing the mediums through which people receive information you can easily enter your restaurant into their frame of reference. 
This is why a well-designed restaurant brand logo will be your best friend. Having an effective, well-designed logo to place amidst all your marketing works makes a huge difference to the success of the content.   
Logos that are seen repeated throughout technology-based marketing and then seen out in the physical world (such as a restaurant signboard) are proven to drive more customers into a business than those without. 
Restaurant marketing needs these characteristics: 
-   Repetition: To remind viewers that your restaurant exists, and what they’ll receive upon visiting 
-   Impression: Emphasis on deals and specials naturally leaves a memorable impression that is likely to drive customers 
-   Visuals: People want to see what they’re getting 
-   Practical Information: The where, when and how for your restaurant premises 
-   Familiarity: A logo and branding that consumers can come to know & recognize 

Available Technologies 

With so many forms of technology available today it can be difficult to navigate exactly which ones are most effective when it comes to restaurant marketing. 
For the last few years, advertising agencies around the world have monitored trends in order to single out the most successful platforms from which to preach content. Here’s some of what they found. 

Social Media 

Social media is the obvious but big one. They are the platforms from which an estimated 3.4 billion people engage on a daily basis. Each person also uses a minimum of five different social media accounts in daily life. 
That is an astounding reach of information and any business would be mistaken not to make use of this marketing opportunity. 
In terms of social media and restaurants, the following kinds of presence are strongly advised: 
-   Facebook: A business page that users can ‘like’ and engage directly with the restaurant in question. Content should be updated daily. 
-   Twitter: An account for the restaurant where specials, deals and practical information is posted a few times a week. 
-   Instagram: Live imagery of actual food and drink from the restaurant as well as any notable specials coming up. 

Email Chains 

Mass emailing software is a recent addition to the tech economy. These systems make use of database collection technology in order to compile massive lists of personal information for a multitude of people within a specific location. The most important part of the information collected is always the email address. 
By delivering targeted, content appropriate emails to the inboxes of potential patrons, you increase your chance of foot traffic significantly. Granted, many of the unsuspecting recipients will likely ‘unsubscribe’ from the mailing list — however, there will be the odd few who really absorb the information. 

App Subscriptions 

One of the biggest technological advances that put many restaurant chains on the map is subscription-based apps.
Basically, these app developers have gone directly to businesses with a proposition in mind. They’ll sell app subscriptions and in exchange drive consumers to the business in question, provided the business offers something in return. This is usually in the form of a buy one get one free deal. 
The Entertainer is the best-known example of this kind of marketing platform. Users pay for the app and then reap the benefits of thousands of restaurant deals around the world. 

Ready to Successfully Market Your Restaurant? 

At the end of the day, your restaurant is only as good as the name that it makes for itself through marketing platforms. Your food may be exquisite, but if there’s no one coming to eat it then what’s the point? 
Hop on this tech train before it’s too late! It’s fun — we promise! 

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