How to Make Your New Jersey Home More Attractive to Buyers in 2023

How to Make Your New Jersey Home More Attractive to Buyers in 2023

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It is not a good time for homeowners thinking about buying a new home in New Jersey these days. The housing market in the state has been suffering from a combination of high-interest rates and a low inventory that is deterring potential homeowners from considering making an investment. 

However, the houses on sale command a good price, and a buyer is always around for the right home. As a result, many homeowners thinking about selling are taking the time to ensure that they get a great price on a sale. 

A Fresh Look Commands a Premium

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Interestingly, no matter how grand a property appears, it will affect the asking price tremendously if it appears run-down and decrepit. The selling power of a well-painted home cannot be overstated. A good paint job can transform almost every home, allowing buyers to view it in the best possible light. 

House painting is not a simple task, though. A lot of planning goes into the entire process, and even the slightest error can throw off the hue and change the whole aesthetic of the house. 

Bloomfield in Essex County is one of the more comfortable areas to live in New Jersey and has a population of about 53,105 residents. It has an interesting past, and the house architecture ranges from traditional Victorian to more modern designs. 

That’s why, when a Bloomfield house painter gives advice, it is a good idea to really pay attention and ensure you find a style that doesn’t clash too much with neighboring homes aesthetically. 

There are several aspects of painting your home, such as color selection, surface preparation, paint selection, application techniques, and maintenance. 

All of these require a good deal of expertise that companies like Alex Painting are familiar with. They are also known for their work with Victorian-style homes and have been in the business for over a decade, having satisfied a number of homeowners in the Bloomfield area and beyond. 

Remember to Prioritize Curb Appeal

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Painting and setting up your house to attract possible buyers in a tough market can be difficult. One crucial area to look at to help out in this regard is the curb appeal and first impressions your home commands when people view your home.  

Curb appeal refers to how attractive your property looks based on its exterior appearance from the street. Potential buyers will be forming impressions, which will influence their appraisal as soon as they pull up in front of the house. 

You want to ensure you sell your home “visually” before they even step out of their vehicle. 

You can work on your property’s curb appeal by landscaping the lawn and cleaning up the roof, windows, driveway, walkway, and any other areas that a buyer’s eye might be drawn to. According to a study by the University of Texas, proper attention to curb appeal can raise house prices upwards of 14% in a cold residential market.

What About the Insides? Try Depersonalization

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Just as you focus on the exterior’s aesthetics, you also want to maintain the property’s attraction when the potential buyer explores the inside. One of the best ways to do this is depersonalization. Don’t worry; it isn’t as sinister as it sounds. 

Depersonalization in the real estate industry refers to reducing your specific “lived-in” look. 

When you depersonalize a home, you tuck away personal items out of sight, such as family photos, religious or political items, and other items in the form of t-shirts from your favorite sports team lying around the house. 

It allows potential buyers to put themselves in your home mentally, as it can be a bit difficult to do this when distracted by a cluttered and “personalized” home. 

Remember that New Jersey has a significant immigrant population, and 21.71% of its population is foreign-born. This means cultural sensitivity can be particularly important to keep in mind when presenting a home. 


The housing market in New Jersey could be better for buyers now, with prices being on the higher side recently. 

However, such market trends are expected and make for a good time for homeowners to preen up their properties and get them looking bright and ready for those who might still want to buy a home. 

Aesthetics and presentation are still the best ways to go about attracting potential owners. Different strategies like working on curb appeal, paint makeovers, and depersonalization all work to ensure that your house is an appealing option and will give you a good price. 

As with all things, seeking professional advice when selling a property is always helpful.

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