How To Make Countertops Look And Feel Fantastic

We all like things to look good and work hard for the nice things in our lives. This is more prevalent in our homes, as it’s our own safe haven that we can customize ourselves and ensure it’s the way we want it.
Being happy with the way things look and feel is really important as it directly affects our mental health and wellbeing. It’s a common thing to want things to improve in the environment around us and there is nothing more important than making positive changes in our lives when we think we need them.
Maybe you are currently looking at ways to improve things at home and perhaps the aesthetics aren’t quite to your liking, but luckily there are lots of options and solutions out there to support you in this transition. One area that many people tend to focus on when starting this journey is their countertops, as they are obvious and stand out in a room and an upgrade in these coils really improves the overall look and feel of everything.
So how can I make my countertops look and feel fantastic?

Find the Right Supplier

It’s highly likely you won’t be making the countertops yourself so researching and finding the right supplier here is an absolute must. You want to aim for longevity and quality, as they might not be the cheapest things in the world and the last thing you want is to have to replace them sooner than you had hoped for because they are not of the right standard.
If you are struggling to find a supplier or have never done this before, you could try:

  • Looking online, using your experience with online shopping to help find a list of potential suppliers which you can then drill down into for more detail
  • Visiting a local store or showroom and speaking with the staff there who will be well equipped to provide you with information and maybe some education on what might be the right fit for you and your home
  • Thinking back to a supplier you may have used in the past that you liked and were happy with the quality of their countertops
  • Speaking with colleagues, friends, or family about getting a cool recommendation based on what your style and specifications are

Whatever route you take to get there, finding the right supplier for your countertops is pivotal if you want them to look and feel fantastic.

Compliment Them with Other Things

Chances are your countertops are going to the centerpiece for a table, kitchen island, or something to that effect. But in order for them to look and feel fantastic, as well as contribute to the overall look and feel of the room then they need to be accompanied by and complemented with other things.
Here are some items or products you could purchase that will make up the overall look and feel of the room:

  • Awesome new chairs or seats
  • Fruit bowls or other types of useful things that your housemates or guests could use
  • Dinner plates and bowls that match the colors and aesthetics of the room or your overall home/space

Countertops alone would come across bland or plain so have a real think about their supporting players and you could make them look and feel fantastic.

Get Recommendations From Others

Sometimes there’s nothing more valuable than getting feedback or a recommendation from a friend or loved one. You know what you’re getting and they can tell you little details about these quartz countertops and the products or services that you might not pick up or get from looking online or going in-store and speaking to someone. Because they’ve been there and done and they care about you and your end result, you are way more likely to get truly honest feedback from them.

Look After Them Properly

Anything in life worth looking after requires a certain level of attention and care to maintain and nurture. Try getting into a consistent routine and habit with cleaning your countertops regularly, every day, or every other day to ensure any muck does not build up and things become stained or too dirty. Have a look to see if there are any special wipes or sprays that are designed for countertops and use them consistently to make sure things remain looking and feeling fantastic.
The key to maintaining healthy countertops is being mindful of their surroundings and ensuring you know what works when keeping them clean and looking healthy. The last thing you want is to invest in awesome new countertops just for you to neglect them and cause them to look old when they are not.

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