How to make your bathroom more fascinating?

The bathroom is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about home decorating. After all, it is a room designated for conducting dirty physiological businesses. But then again, why would it be left out of the picture when it comes to refreshing your home’s interior? Why not make ourselves feel like emperors when going where even the emperor must go on foot? There are various ideas and accessories that can change the atmosphere in your bathroom, both figuratively and literally. Let’s explore together some creative ways of giving your bathroom a renewed look.  

First, declutter 

Are you the type of person that hoards nearly empty bottles of shampoo, hair regenerator, shower foam, and deodorants? Make room for new stuff by getting rid of them. They take up pretty much every free surface, they look messy, and they can make you feel claustrophobic. Same with any other items like makeup brushes or other cosmetic equipment. If you need all of it and use it often, then think about adding some storage space. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you can get floating shelves or a bathroom vanity. There are many different types of standing and wall-mounted storage cupboards and cabinets to choose from. You can also get a nice laundry basket that compliments its surroundings while hiding dirty clothes inside of it. Additionally, get a small rubbish bin for discarding used lady products.  

Get new textile items 

We use towels every time we visit the bathroom. They can be fashionable items too. One of the quickest ways of changing the mood in your bathroom is putting a new set of towels. If you are bold you can introduce some floral or other colorful and complex designs, or you can just keep it simple with mid-toned towels. The same goes with bath mats. Replace your dirty, dull mat with a new, softer, and nicer one. Some would even dare to roll out a Persian rug, which could be an intriguing but good choice. Also, don’t forget to go crazy with a new shower curtain. They play a big role in the overall design of the bathroom, and they don’t cost a fortune.  

Change some accessories 

You’re wondering how to give your bathroom a personal touch without spending a lot of money? The answer is accessories! Even replacing a toilet paper holder with a new, interestingly designed one will make a change in your bathroom appeal. Depending on the look you hope to achieve, there are plenty of affordable and useful bathroom accessories that will help you turn your bathroom into your own private oasis. One of the first things you notice when you step into a new bathroom is probably the mirror. The right mirror can really alleviate your bathroom and add a sense of spaciousness. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and are an awesome way of decorating your bathroom without breaking the bank. Also, if you want to achieve a more modern look, adding metallic details such as a towel ring or a soap dish will do the trick. If you have any leftover room in your budget, installing a rainfall showerhead will upgrade your shower instantly.    

Redecorate the walls 

If your bathroom feels a little gloomy, painting is always a good idea. You can be daring and use color to create contrast. A combination of red and light blue can give your bathroom an energetic look. Since colors have a huge impact on the mood of the whole room, most people opt for a pale, neutral shade to create a relaxing atmosphere. However, adding a splash of black or dark grey to your accent wall will perk up your bathroom and give it a sophisticated look. Floor-to-ceiling tiles and patterned wallpapers can be an excellent choice if you are willing to experiment a little bit. They come in various shapes and patterns and can add a personality to your bathroom walls.   

Add some greenery 

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive because one wouldn’t think about plants thriving in that kind of environment. Yet, if you have a spacious bathroom and a large window, you can place some plants in positions where they would get enough sunlight. Popular ones are seasonal flowers and eucalyptus. If there are no good living conditions for a plant, or you just don’t want that extra chore of caring for them, you can get some palm fronds or even faux plants. Another way to refresh the atmosphere in your bathroom is to add pleasant scents. Get creative with air fresheners, soaps, and scented candles. Create a romantic and comfortable mood with citrusy, vanilla, or cinnamon aromas, whatever suits your taste.  
Apart from cleaning it, there is so much more you can do for your bathroom. It is equally a part of the house as any other room, so why not bring similar vibes into it? There is no reason not to show off your creativity by redecorating your bathroom. Hopefully, you found some of these ideas perfect for turning your bathroom into something more. Soon enough, you will have a relaxing, spa-like room in your own house.  

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