How To Make Safe Investments In Bitcoin?

According to a report by Crypto Head, reports of criminal activity in the forms of cryptocurrencies industry have increased by 312% each year since 2016. This has raised several apprehensions surrounding the investment in Bitcoin. Its not easy to define Bitcoin as an investment, at least strictly. In the end, it lacks no physical backing or substance from banks or government agencies and does not pay dividends or interest.

Many claims that it will soon surpass $70,000. Ark Investments Cathie Wood is in the record, stating that Bitcoin will reach $500,000 within five years. Others are convinced that the possibility of a Bitcoin market crash could be merely an issue of the time and not when.

Buying Bitcoin: Here is What You Need To Consider

Bitcoin is a heavy investment. In recent months, the cost of a Bitcoin has ranged from $30,000 to $60,000. The Bitcoin price is not only a volatile cryptocurrency, but tinier coins may be more dangerous. Comprehend that these are highly volatile investment opportunities, so if big swings end up causing you to lose any sleep, this isnt the market for you. If you desire the most secure investment with guaranteed returns, avoid Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency overall.

For the reasons stated above, specialists advise maintaining your cryptocurrency investment opportunities at a minimal level of 5% of your overall portfolio and ensuring you have a formed routine retirement strategic plan to initiate


Bitcoins value might be extremely volatile.

Many investors have jumped into bitcoin following breaking the $20,000 mark in December 2020. Then it continued to surge into April when the spot price shot to $64,000. However, in the following months of the break, the price started declining for a while, with the price of the spot dropping below $32,000 by the beginning of June. The long-time cryptocurrency investors have seen this prior.

Bitcoin reached its record-setting high in December of 2017, in which the price spot was close to $20,000, and a year later, the spot price was less than $3,400. When you invest in bitcoin, be aware that the price can drop quickly, and it may require years to recover the previous levels.

Secure your private key to gain access to bitcoin secure

In contrast to when you purchase bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, when you buy bitcoin, youre assuming the responsibility of ensuring that it is not in the fingers of criminals. To begin, you must ensure that you have kept the personal key to your digital wallet secure and safe and can retrieve it.

The rise of bitcoin began in the early 2021s. There were several warning stories in the press about newly-minted millionaires who could not access their accounts by losing their passwords. Such as the case of the German-born San Francisco programmer who couldnt connect to his computer that was storing around $220 million worth of bitcoin.

Keep any cold storage device secure.

Many cryptocurrency experts recommend moving bitcoin to a cold account -an offline device for storage similar to the USB stick, instead of a hot wallet (one which can be accessed online). Cold wallet storage could help reduce the chance of online theft. The cost of such devices ranges from $100-$200.

However, in addition to not remembering your private password for your key, you must ensure that the physical device which holds your bitcoin is secure. A man from Wales mistakenly disposed of the hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins, thats about $263 million as of writing.

Important to be aware of: Certain bitcoin-based providers, including Robinhood, SoFi, and PayPal, will not permit you to link to a private wallet or transfer your crypto off their platform.

Bitcoin scams are on the increase.

As bitcoins value increases as it increases in value, so does the number of scams that target bitcoin users. In May, the Federal Trade Commission reported that in a recent six months, nearly 77,000 people were swindled out of around $80 million to scams promising quick profits. Sites use fake testimonials, and the language used to make cryptocurrency appear legitimate.

However, promises of huge and guaranteed returns are fraud, according to the FTC. They can even appear to suggest that your investment is increasing. However, many reports that when they attempt to withdraw the supposed gains and are instructed to pay for more cryptocurrency and get nothing in return.

Beware of phishing scams where it is possible to receive email messages that look like they come from a crypto exchange but are attempting to force you to provide your passwords. These emails may appear authentic and have the correct branding and logos. Experts advise against clicking the links in the emails and against calling the exchange directly if you receive suspicious emails asking you for your password details.


Even though investing in or trading Bitcoins isnt illegal, there arent many investors. Most investors remain sceptical regarding the potential risks associated with Bitcoins. The recent warnings by the RBI and the government have added to the burdens associated with Bitcoin exchanges. You don’t have to be confused if you are willing to start your trading career and don’t know much about it. Just log in to things will be easier for you.

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