How to Keep Your Garden Clean: 3 Steps

When you think of fantastic ways to spend time outdoors, gardening has to be one of them. Gardening is an activity that is not only beneficial to the body but also to the mind.
Gardening is a process of fostering life and there can be no higher calling. A garden will do more than beautify your property as it can also provide you with food.
One of the most essential aspects of gardening is keeping your garden clean. It is much easier said than done.

The following are three steps to ensure that you keep your garden clean:

1.  Clean Garden Tools

The tools you use when gardening are one of the biggest contributors of dirt. You will use them over and over to handle soil, manure and fertilizers among others.
If you want to have a clean garden, then you will also need to have clean garden tools. Just as you cannot have a clean house with dirty cleaning equipment, the same goes for the garden.
Garden tools can spread more than dirt to your garden. They can spread harmful and dangerous elements into your garden such as bacteria which will negatively affect the health of your garden.
Therefore, you should wash your garden tools whenever you are done using them. You should scrub them down and remove any dirt using a garden hose, soap, steel wool, putty knife and bleach.

2.  Clean Garden Furniture

If you have a garden, then you probably also have garden furniture. Garden furniture is infamous for collecting dust and all sorts of dirt over time.
Gardens can be located on various parts of a property. Your garden will be especially dirty if you have outdoor patio decking, and you need to know how to properly clean a deck. Washing the entire patio and wiping down the garden furniture at least once a week should be the next step in having a clean garden. They will add to the overall appeal of the garden since they make it look cleaner and more furnished.

3.  Plant Maintenance

The dirt in a garden will come from a lot of places. The foremost place will be the plants located right in the garden.
Therefore, if you want to have a clean garden, a crucial step will be to perform adequate plant maintenance. You should prune, deadhead and cull your garden plants as needed.
Deadheading eradicates old flower blooms to promote new growth. Pruning involves cutting back the branches of your plants to control and encourage growth. Culling garden plants will clean up the unhealthy bits and make your garden more spacious.
If your garden is lush, you will have a lot of things to constantly collect so as to keep it clean. Plant maintenance is an especially crucial step in cleaning your garden as it will prevent the death of other plants in the garden.
To summarize, you can have a clean garden in three easy steps. You should clean your garden tools, clean any furniture you have in the garden and perform regular plant maintenance. There is much more you can do to have a clean garden but the above should suffice.

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