How To Drive Safely Around Trucks

Did you know that large trucks make up only about 4 percent of all vehicles on the road, but they are involved in more than a quarter of all fatal crashes? This is because trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles, and they can cause serious damage when they collide with smaller cars. In this blog post, we will discuss how to drive safely around trucks and avoid accidents.
Remember That Trucks Have Blind Spots
The first thing to remember is that trucks have blind spots. This means that the driver may not be able to see you if you are driving around the truck in certain areas. It is important to avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot whenever possible. If you must drive in a blind spot, make sure to do so slowly and carefully. Moreover, always signal before you change lanes around a truck. This will give the truck driver time to see you and react accordingly.
Be Careful When Passing
Another important tip is to be careful when passing a truck. First of all, make sure that it is safe to pass before you attempt to do so. Secondly, always pass on the left side of the truck. This will give you the most visibility and help you avoid the truck’s blind spot. Finally, make sure to give yourself plenty of room when passing. Do not try to pass too close to the truck, as this could startle the driver and cause an accident.
Watch Out for Brake Lights

You should also be aware of a truck’s brake lights. This is because trucks often have to brake suddenly to avoid accidents. If you see a truck’s brake lights, make sure to slow down and give the truck plenty of room. This will help you avoid rear-ending the truck or getting hit by debris if the truck does have to stop suddenly. However, if you find yourself in an accident with a truck, Indianapolis truck accident attorneys can help you. Namely, the experienced team of truck accident lawyers will know exactly how to deal with the crash and help you get the compensation you deserve. Moreover, to avoid accidents, do not tailgate a truck, as this is both dangerous and illegal. Even more so, do not try to pass a stopped truck on the right side, as this is where the truck’s exhaust pipe is located, and you could be seriously injured by fumes or debris.
Give Trucks Plenty of Room
Another important safety tip is to give trucks plenty of room. This means not tailgating or cutting off a truck. You should also avoid passing a truck on the shoulder of the road. If you must pass a truck, make sure to do so quickly and safely. Finally, always yield to trucks when they are merging onto the highway. Do not try to speed up and beat a truck to an open lane, as this could cause an accident.
Wear Your Seat Belt

Lastly, make sure to always wear your seat belt when driving. This is important regardless of whether you are driving around a truck or a car. Seat belts can help to protect you in the event of an accident and can help to prevent serious injuries. The function of a seat belt is to keep you restrained during an accident so that you do not hit your head or fly through the windshield.
Allow The Truck More Time to Stop
Trucks take longer to stop than other vehicles. This is because they are so much heavier and have more momentum. As a result, you should always allow a truck more time to stop than you would for a car. This means not tailgating and giving the truck plenty of room to brake in order to avoid an accident.
Increase Your Following Distance
You should also increase your following distance when behind a truck. This will give you more time to react if the truck has to stop suddenly. The general rule is to follow at least four seconds behind a truck. However, you may need to increase this distance in adverse weather conditions or if the road is slippery. In that case, it is best to err on the side of caution and follow at a greater distance.
Be Careful at Night
It is also important to be extra careful when driving around trucks at night. This is because it can be more difficult to see trucks in the dark. Make sure to use your headlights and keep an eye out for truck lights. You should also avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot. If you must drive in a blind spot, make sure to do so slowly and carefully.
In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the dangers of driving around trucks. Make sure to drive carefully and always give trucks plenty of room. By following these tips, you can help avoid accidents and keep yourself safe on the road.

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