How to Design Your Living Room Based on Star Sign

Your living room is a special space for welcoming visitors and setting the mood of your entire home. If you have recently been into astrology, maybe you can design your dream living room based on your zodiac sign.  
Based on your star sign, we’ve mastered the charts to give you the best living room interior design. Keep reading to learn how your space can live up to your personality!  


As a dynamic fire sign, Aries’ living room has to have an intense color like hot pink, orange, burgundy, or red. Their diplomas, trophies, and other awards need to be hung on their fireplace beside their huge bookshelf. 
Their masculinity or femininity also has to stand out in the living room. This means putting up a mini-game corner or a huge vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table.  


Taurus is practical yet extravagant, so they are willing to splurge for the sake of comfort and function. The coffee table shouldn’t just be for playtime or snacks. It also has to include storage for blankets and books. 
If you’re attracting a Taurus to your home, make sure the floor is spacious. In their own homes, they mount their TVs, shelves, and audio equipment on the wall. Then, they set up a beautifully textured rug to make the living room feel cozy. So, if this sounds like your home, that’s what a Taurus likes to hear 


Because of their dual nature, the Gemini is more likely to combine two opposite elements in their living room. Only this sign can pull off bold colors on minimalist furniture. 
They may use muted colors on the wall and couches, but they will feature one vibrant accent with a rich texture. This can be a vibrant rug, chair, or painting. They can also incorporate nature-inspired furniture in their industrial living room.  


Cancer is quiet, private, and nurturing. And their living area has to reflect that. Create a tranquil abode by adding plants to your monochromatic room and using modest furniture, like a clean-lined sofa and a plain beige coffee table. 
Cancers also love metallic accents. Have a simple photo gallery on one side of your living room using silver picture frames.  


Leo wants to stand out from the rest. But if they want to mix different colors and elements, they still need to stick to a theme. Similar shapes and motifs are important. Make your living room diverse but still look like the pieces were from one artist. If you like changing up your living room design every year, choose colors that can go neutral such as blush pink, baby blue, and peach.  


Virgo can go with any living room design as long as the space is free from clutter. They prioritize big windows with natural light and a beautiful view over unnecessary home décor. 
Have a reading nook at the corner of your living room and surround it with storage for books and blankets. Make sure to lay out fresh pillows and a cute light for the evening.  


An art deco-inspired living room is perfect for the eccentric Libra. It features simple shapes, glam, metallic accents, and jewels. 
Consider using patterned tiles for your floor, arched or faux molding on door frames, and built-in shelving to transport your living area to another era. Then, finish the look with a chandelier and a mirror.   


Scorpio is another bold sign whose personality goes well with a magnificent retro living room. Vintage-inspired wallpaper can instantly enhance the space. Then include faux fur rugs on your plain floor and some brass elements. The flea market is the best place for vintage living room finds made of rattan, bamboo, and wicker.  


As an outdoorsman, the  Sagittarius has to bring nature to their living room. Everything has to be natural and raw, including the tables, chairs, doors, and fireplace. But raw doesn’t mean limiting your choice to wood. 
Greenery adds freshness to wooden furniture. Make sure to pair it with textiles like linen, cotton, and natural wool. These materials are biodegradable, sustainable, and very ecological.  


Three C’s describe the Capricorn. These are classic, conservative, and conventional. Think ambient lighting, warm colors, and a stoned fireplace that makes a great prime focus for arranging the furniture. 
Symmetry is another hallmark of the traditional style which suits the balanced and elegant Capricorn. If you want an antique design, go for cherry paneled walls and dramatic couches.  


Aquarius wants a contemporary stylish interior design for their living room. Keep it simple yet homey by using beige upholstery and adding decorative blankets, pillows, and lots of layers. Mixing and matching fabric prints also create an impressionistic appearance. 
This will keep the space laid-back without being too boring. If you have a small space, try adding a pop of color for depth and elevation.  


The sentimental daydreamer deserves a photo gallery in their living room. Make sure to edit your pictures to match the style of your space. For example, if you have light blue walls, create contrast by adding orange hues to your photos. 
A skyline view in the living room is also perfect for the dreamy and artful Pisces. Don’t forget to bring home a piece of furniture from every travel.  

In Conclusion 

The living room is an area for entertaining your loved ones, so make sure it becomes a  comfortable space filled with conversation starters and happy memories. Make them feel at home by tailoring it to your star sign’s traits. 
We hope this post helped you choose a living room decoration that matches your style and personality. Tell us how you designed your space with the help of our guide in the comments below. 
Don’t just follow trends when home decorating. Let it reflect your lifestyle, disposition, and everyday mood! 

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