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How Much Does The Garage Door Replacement Cost?

How Much Does The Garage Door Replacement Cost?

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How Much Does The Garage Door Replacement Cost?

Picking a new garage door is not easy as it sounds. Whether you are remodeling your home or buying a new house, the cost is one of the most important factors. As the doors have different models and sizes, most homeowners wonder, “How much does the garage door replacement cost?” The average door replacement price is around $1,200. Mainly, the cost depends on the style and type of the door you want to buy.  

Let’s look at the different variables on which the price of a garage door replacement is dependent.  

Factors That Influence Garage Door Replacement Cost  

There are different factors that influence the garage door’s replacement cost but investing in a quality garage door is a must. Here are some of the factors on which the price of a garage door is dependent: 

Door Size  
The bigger the garage door, the higher the cost you will have to pay to get it installed. A typical standard garage door depends on your area, but the most common size for a single garage door is 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall and can cost around $400-$900. In contrast, the double garage door size is 16 feet wide and 7 feet tall, costing around $650-$3,600.  
The customized sizes are more expensive than the standard door sizes as they have to be specially ordered from the factory.  

The door’s construction material will also have an impact on the price of your new garage door. The price differs depending on the material you choose. Custom-made, garage doors made of top-grade hardwood, cedar, or mahogany are some of the most expensive options. On the other hand, garage doors made from materials such as fiberglass, faux wood, and wood composite are cheaper. Make sure to select the best door material which can add up to the curb appeal. Here is a summary of the most common garage door materials to choose from:   

Fiberglass: It is a long-lasting material. However, it can get damaged in extreme temperatures.  

Composite: C It is a good alternative to wood as they don’t get damaged easily.  

Glass: Tempered glass on aluminum or wooden frame makes a beautiful garage door, but it can be heavy to install and lacks insulation. The pricing can be slightly more expensive than a composite door.  

Wood: Wood garage doors offer a beautiful look; however, they need regular upkeep throughout the year.  

Design of the Garage Door  
In the earlier times, garage door styles were only limited to painted wood panels, but in the modern times, you can choose a design from different styles and not limit it to hinged and folding. However, any time you select a design apart from the standard overhead door design, the cost for the installation will increase.  

Special Features  
Special features can include custom hardware, LED lighting, and special trim. The replacement cost can increase if you want to add some high-quality materials and some distinctive features to the garage door.  

Opener Type  
Another factor that influences the installation cost is the opener type. Keep in mind that specific door styles need to have a certain type of garage door opener. The most expensive are the direct-drive motors, while the cheapest are belt and chain-drive openers. You will have to pay more if you want a smart garage door opener as the cost for replacement is more expensive than the simple mechanical units.  

Other Considerations  
Market factors can also influence the cost of replacement. Your location and potential resizing are the main factors that can affect the cost.  Also get a garage door spring to maintain operation.
If you want to save yourself from such unexpected replacement costs, then you can choose to go for a home warranty. A home warranty can even help you with the replacement of the garage door at an affordable price. However, make a point to research accordingly and check whether the warranty covers garage replacement or not.  

The Bottom Line  
Today, homeowners have access to different design and material options. It can range from affordable to expensive. If you want a beautiful and strong (best for your) garage door, ensure (make it a point) to research and choose the best-suited one for your home. 


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