How much does a garage conversion cost?

There are many ways to add value to your house as well as to create more space should the family grow, or an extra room is needed for example for working from home. 

We all dream of the perfect home, and as our needs change, we sometimes feel where we already are doesn’t have it anymore.  
There is no need to keep on looking for a new home when the one you already have can adapt to your needs as they change. 

With a garage conversion, you can boost your home's appeal if you are looking to sell, while also adding space should you wish to stay. 

Garage conversions can give your home a vivid or subtle new look, it can be part of the whole house, or something secluded to escape to. 
Expanding a Living Area 
By opening up the room adjoining your garage, be it living room, dining room or kitchen; your internal space becomes so much bigger. Smaller internal walls can be included to make utility rooms, ensuring some items are able to be stored out of sight, while the room itself can be expanded and become more welcoming to guests. 

A New Home Office 
While working from home has become far more commonplace these days, finding a place to work at home can be tricky. By converting your garage into a home office, you can escape the distractions of the home just by shutting the door.  

Create a Separate Apartment 
Should your garage not already be incorporated with the house, a two-floor apartment can be created, adding value for sale; a space to rent or somewhere for family and friends to stay. Having a self-sufficient living quarter can boost value incredibly as well as be a wonderful addition for those with an elderly parent moving in or growing children looking for their own space. 

Connect with your Garden 
Why add a conservatory when you can adapt your garage into a garden room. With lighter and a natural atmosphere, it can provide you with a relaxing and peaceful area to unwind. 
A garden room lends a unique and perfect segway from indoors to out, and something which can be enjoyed in so many ways. 

There are many different options with varying costs 
The whole area does not need to completely be opened up, areas can be walled off for storage or full conversions to new rooms can be made as mentioned. Your decision will often come down to cost. Conversions come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the average cost can be between $7,000 and $22,000. Costs can be broken down depending on what you are looking for. 

A Cosmetic update of the floor along with shelving and painting of all the walls can cost around $3,000 and up. If you are doing a full renovation including bathroom suits, this can push the cost up to around $40,000.  

Labor costs need to be taken into consideration while considering your options; this can range from around 10% or 20% of the final project cost as a flat fee. Also, for those looking to build additional living spaces from their garage, they need to comply with building codes, which can add around $1,000 to your costs.  While you look at creating the perfect space with your garage, there are many options to consider.  

You are able to convert your home to really bring out your personality in your home or to build value to your home.  Many options can be adapted and arranged, building codes and optional extras can be tailored to your needs and budget.  Organize your budgets, consider building costs as well as potential building code fees.  

Make sure when you set your budget to include some buffer space as well should any unforeseen issues arise. The chance to convert your home is within reach for whatever your desires. 

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