How Is the Chinese Aluminum Extrusion Company JMA Aluminum?

About JMA Aluminum

JMA is among China’s pioneers in the aluminum profile business. They have been making aluminum profiles for a range of purposes since 1993. Their major product lines are aluminum windows and doors for domestic usage, commercial curtain walls, and industrial aluminum profiles.

In 1999, JMA was accorded import-export privileges as a private firm. After evaluating international market needs, they bought 2000T aluminum extrusion machinery and commenced increased production of constructional aluminum profiles and commercial aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum extrusion grade is determined by the raw material used (typically an aluminum alloy), aluminum extruding equipment utilized, and the management of production elements throughout manufacturing. All aluminum alloys are provided by their long-term associated standard-qualified producer.  

Also, they perform checks on raw materials on their own to ensure only certified ingots are employed in manufacturing so that they can assure the quality and safety of each JMA manufactured profile.

Benefits as suppliers

JMA has considerable experience in aluminum extrusion production and has provided aluminum profiles for huge construction projects, like the Hong Kong International Commerce Centre,  JP Tower, Saudi Arabia CMA Tower, Sky Tower in Abu Dhabi in UAE and more. Of the ten skyscrapers throughout the globe that are higher than 480 meters, JMA has worked on 5. JMA also sells industrial aluminum alloy extrusions to large-scale commercial equipment suppliers from home and overseas.

JMA has a major advantage in purchasing raw materials because China is a prominent aluminum alloy manufacturer. All aluminum ingots are provided by their long-term partnered standard qualified producer, assuring that JMA does have an annual production of 300,000 tons of commercial and building aluminum profiles. JMA is willing to deliver safe and dependable aluminum profiles for doors and windows, curtain walls, and industrial aluminum extrusion parts at the fastest possible speed within their manufacturing competence.

Within China’s aluminum processing industry, JMA is unrivaled. After almost 30 years in the business, JMA has established itself as a leading provider of aluminum extrusions, curtain wall systems, and related services to the industrial and construction sectors.


Assistance Before the Sale

  • They will assign the best sales representative to follow up on contractual agreements with international clients.
  • To validate what the to-be-processed product client needs, they will supply a catalogue brochure, color sample, and aluminum extrusion samples, all per client request. After receiving a customer’s requested color swatch, we may quickly and effectively tailor the order to feature the client’s specialty color.
  • Customers may easily reach us and ask questions about the technical aspects of the service thanks to online chat.
  • Once they have your drawing or template, their associated technical department will assess the viability of production and provide a mold pricing estimate. As a bonus, they can recommend the most cost-effective package for consumers based on their needs.
  • With their expert drawing design staff at the ready, they can quickly and precisely deliver custom molds to their clients, usually in as little as a day or two.
  • The sales representative will get the commercial contract for signature once the client provides the applicable terms and quotations.

Verification of the Assembly

  • They will produce one 300mm extruded aluminum profile as a sample for each custom mold, to be used for checking dimensions and confirming proper assembly.
  • Once they heard about the assembly-related size discrepancies, they could tweak the original mold’s requirements.
  • They can now process aluminum profiles in batch production using their double-confirmed mold.

After-sale Service

  • Transport, storage,  maintenance, and use are all areas that they shall highlight.
  • User comments are always welcome. In addition, they will conduct a telephone or mail-in survey of customers to gauge their level of contentment with the service.
  • The prompt response time demonstrates their commitment to solving any issues that may arise after the sale.
  • They promise to work with you in good faith to find solutions to the issues at hand. You’ve been quite patient, so I appreciate it.

Theorem of Service

Customers are most satisfied when their concerns are actively addressed and resolved quickly and effectively.

The Warranty Department

The products have been tested and found to be of a certain standard. So, if a consumer orders one of the products, they can assure that it will work as advertised by delivering a quality certificate. In production, they adhere carefully to any international or China occupation standards stipulated in the contract. 

For the duration of the warranty, JMA will replace the product free of charge if the client experiences any quality issues while using it by the instructions.

Assembly Guidance

Send a call, a fax, or an email if you need assistance with the setup or installation. Within 24 hours, you can expect an answer to any questions via online chat or video instruction.

Networked Service Delivery

ISO9001, the quality management system, is carefully enforced at JMA. They have implemented a quality tracking system that is nearly flawless, allowing us to identify the root of any issue and fix it quickly. In addition, several systems and procedures have been implemented for after-sale service to guarantee the quickest possible feedback to the appropriate departments, allowing for speedy problem resolution.

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