How Important Is Air Filter For Your Air Conditioner

We all want our air conditioners to be more efficient and perform better. Isn't it true? But the majority of us make mistakes that reduce the efficiency of our air conditioner. We do not maintain it properly. According to the U.S Department Of Energy, if you want to improve your air conditioner's performance and efficiency, it is essential and recommended to carry out regular maintenance.
The major part of regular maintenance involves replacing the air filters. People do not realize the fact that air filters are the most crucial component of the air conditioner. To enhance the air conditioner system, replacing air filters regularly is vital. It is beyond doubt that air filters are extremely important for your air conditioner.
This article will discuss an air filter's function, risks associated with unchanged air filters, how often you should change your air filters, and its benefits, e.t.c. So, without any further delay, let's jump right into it!

Function Of An Air Filter

As its name suggests, air filters are used to filter the air. They are made up of either pleated paper or spun fiberglass material. In addition to this, the air filter is also made up of cloth that is enclosed in a cardboard frame. It captures pollutants and the particles such as mold, fungal spores, dust, and pet dander. Air filters catch these pollutants and particles and do not allow them to get through.
If these particles got through the system, they could seriously harm the indoor air quality. The filtration process mainly occurs when the expended air is brought back to the air conditioner unit. It is conditioned and then is distributed again. Moreover, the air is passed through the filter where the material comes into action. It removes all the pollutants and particles.

Risks Associated With Unchanged Air Filter

We have mentioned above as well, that air filters are extremely important for your air conditioner. If you do not follow a proper procedure and are not changing it regularly, the results can be harmful. It won't just damage your air conditioner, but it can harm you as well. There is not just one risk associated with unchanged filters. Following are a few of the dangers of not changing the air filter consistently:

Atrocious Air Quality

There is no denying that a poor air filter that is left unchanged can cause atrocious air quality. A dirty air filter would trap the moisture, which further promotes mold and bacteria. It would then clog up the filters. The pollutants and the particles can enter the air of your home and can damage the air quality. It would ultimately cause health issues. To save yourself and your loved ones from health issues, you should regularly change the air filters.

Chances Of System Failure

A dirty air filter would not allow the air to move freely. It would trap it behind, which would, as a result, put pressure on your air conditioner system. The higher the system's pressure would be, the more the chances of system failure.

High Energy Cost

Due to the dirty air filter, air circulation would not be possible. It will force your air conditioner to work more to provide the same level of cool air it would have otherwise done. As it will work overtime, it will increase the electricity bills. Not just that, but working overtime would also reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner.

When Should You Change Your Air Filter

The simple answer to this question is that you should make sure to change your air filter once a month. If that is not possible for you, you should at least change it once every two months. There are various other factors to consider as well. If you have a pet, you may need to change your air filter more frequently.
Along with that, you should ensure to change your air filter regularly if you live in an area that has high pollen. You don't need to worry about the cost of changing the air filter regularly as it is very low in cost and can be easily replaced.
As pollution increases, it becomes imperative to have air filters to reduce it and resist it from getting into our homes. If you want your air conditioner to operate efficiently and perform well, you should make sure to avail yourself of the top-notch services of AC specialists in your area. If you happen to live in Arizona, make sure to check out, the most trusted and reliable HVAC company in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Benefits Of Replacing Air Filters At Right Time

There are various benefits of replacing your air filter regularly and on time. Following are a few of them:

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

One of the most obvious benefits of changing the air filter on time is reducing the pollutants and particles from getting through. A new air filter would eliminate these and would ensure better and improved air quality. It will ultimately help you get rid of health issues.

Avoid Mechanical Breakdowns

As mentioned above as well, dirty air filters can harm your air conditioner system. However, having a new air filter would resist fibers and debris from getting into your air conditioner and ultimately help you avoid mechanical breakdowns.

Eliminate or Reduce Odors and Dust

Having a new air filter would capture the dust particles and odors. It will not allow them to spread through the air. Especially if you have pets, you may need a new air filter regularly. It will eliminate or reduce the bad odors.


We now understand how important air filters are for your air conditioner. For optimal performance of your air conditioner, changing air filters is vital. If you would not keep your air conditioner maintained, it can reduce its life span and deteriorate its condition.
Not just the air conditioner, but your health is also at considerable risk if you do not change air filters. Over time, the world is witnessing an increase in pollution levels. It is an extremely alarming situation. You can check out the air pollution levels of your country here.

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