How Crawl Space Waterproofing Can Control Rodents?

Hearing about the mouse or seeing it in your house can make you scared. The infected rats can be worse. Most people know how rodents can be controlled: storing food in hard-sided containers, setting up traps, and cleaning up the crumbs.
Here are some of the ways from which the rodents can be controlled, like crawl waterproofing.
Signs crawl waterproofing is needed in the house
Crawl waterproofing isn’t useful if you want to get rid of the rodents unless space needs it. But many people aren’t used to waterproofing in these spaces as they reside in living places. These signs can tell you about the moisture issue:

  • High levels of humidity
  • Standing water
  • Mildew or musty smells
  • Mildew or visible mold

Some of them are more complicated than others. But if you see any of these red flags, contact the Crank Waterproofing professional for your space as soon as you can.
How does waterproofing help to control rodents?
Ignore the complications a moist crawl space poses to the energy bill or your respiratory health – what does it have to do to control rodents?
Just like any other mammal, rats and mice also need water. This means if the population of rodents is a lot in your house, they might be getting the water. If you have any pets in the house, they might be drinking from their bowl, or you have a leaky pipe or faucet. They are getting all their water needs from the crawl space.
If you are going to eliminate all the possible sources of water, you get rid of the rodents as well!
Only rats and mice are not the ones who love hanging out in a moist, dark environment of crawl spaces. The waterproofing helps to control other pests as well. If you have found cockroaches or any other centipedes in the house, they might be getting their water from somewhere too.
Also, they don’t need a leaky faucet or standing water to drink from. Most of these reptiles and insects drink by absorbing moisture from their skin. You might have needed more reason to stay on top of your home’s moisture issue.
The pests in your house can make you irritated, but unlike mice and rats – they are not dangerous for diseases. Still, their presence in the house means a lot. Your home contains a moisture issue, and you need to take it seriously. The waterproofing professionals can help you with the procedure.
Your crawl space is an essential part of the house and needs to be kept clean, dry, and neat. Most owners don’t even see that space for a longer time, so this isn’t a surprise that rodents can go undetected. Maintain the space by taking preventive measures to keep it safe.
Do you suspect that your space is infected with insects and rodents? Schedule a crawl inspection from the best contractor and get the true picture of your crawl space condition, along with the solutions that can be done to make the space rodents-free.

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