Go Green: Tips For Buying Trees for Your New Yard

During the recent heatwave in the UK, most if not all of us, have been craving the coolness provided by tree shades. A full-sized tree without a doubt, will provide an ideal sheltering and cooling in your property and attract wildlife, creating a calming and relaxing spot where you and your family or friends can spend the afternoon barbequing and chatting.  
Unfortunately, you cannot just rush to the local superstore and buy a mature tree and plant it in your yard. Purchasing trees calls for proper research, starting from pollination to positioning as they are paramount factors when determining which tree to pick and where to plant it. Here we share some valuable tips to consider when purchasing trees from The Tree Center.

Measure The Size of Your Yard 

First and foremost, you should consider the size of your yard. Just like puppies or kittens, trees grow a fair amount during their lifetime and what may seem like a manageable size may appear completely different after a few years. As such, it is important to seek advice regarding how large the tree will grow from the garden or nursery center. An expert should be able to give you solid advice based on your space. You can also get robust advice from organizations like the Royal Horticultural Society on the trees to pick if you have limited space.  

Best Trees to Plant in Your Yard 

Ornamental trees will lend color to your yard, but most people opt for the free produce that comes with fruit trees. The easiest to maintain and popular for their produce are apple trees. They are also likely to be pollinated by the neighbor’s tree. If you have a small garden in an urban garden, you should go for dwarf varieties. However, if you have a large garden, then you can go for any conventional variety and then pair it with a pollinating partner.  
You will also come across numerous tree retailers online that provide advice on which tree species works best for your space and also give pollination advice. Retailers like The Woodland Trust also sell a wide array of native trees, including the juniper, whose berries are primarily used to flavor Gin.  

Best Time to Plant a Tree 

Autumn is usually the best time to plant trees in the UK. As such, you should plan as much as possible during summer. Any good garden or nursery center should have at least one person to help get your timing right. Also, ensure you plant the tree as soon as you buy it. Some can be grown in pots, but most tend to become pot-bound fast, which might damage the roots.  

Things to Consider Before Planting a Tree 

It also goes without saying that you should put your home and that of your neighbor into consideration when planting a tree. Even the smallest of trees should be planted at least 16 feet or 5 meters from your house. Roots tend to grow extremely far and when in doubt, consult a tree surgeon or a professional gardener.  
Finally, ensure you water the tree on a regular basis. Even when it’s raining, newly planted trees call for a little attention to ascertain their health. A little care at the beginning of the plant’s life will have you enjoying its shade, produce or appeal for years to come. 

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