Get a Calming Sensation at the Time of a Panic Attack

Many people have experienced a panic attack, where they experience intense feelings of worry, fear, and even terror. It could happen at any time because of triggers like people, places, or events. The experience can be so overwhelming that it can leave you feeling helpless.  
There are many other treatment options like medication, therapy, and more, but one option growing more popular is kratom. 
With the help of premium indo kratom, you can gain control back during a panic attack. It is an effective way to get your heart rate back down and regain focus so that you can relax at the moment. And in multiple parts of the world, people rely on kratom to help them relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.  
This article is to help you deal with the feelings and causes of panic attacks. It will further explain to you the benefits of taking kratom in panic attacks as it helps in alleviating pain, controlling emotions, and even helps in addiction treatment. 

What Is Kratom? 

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree. It is in the genus Mitragyna that grows in Southeast Asia and India, the leaves of which get used for medicinal purposes. It acts as a stimulant, sedative, and euphoric in some people.  
It has become popular as an alternative to opiate-based painkillers and sleeping pills. It comes in various forms, including capsules, powder, and tea. Its leaves are chewed and often brewed into tea or dried and smoked as a recreational drug.  
This drug contains alkaloids that have opioid effects similar to traditional opioids like morphine and codeine. It has little to no mind-altering impact; it offers mainly pain relief without sedation when taken in small amounts. 
Also, when it comes to its effects, kratom can help you with pain management, anxiety, depression, cognitive improvement, and energy regulation. Hence, it further affects the mind and body by stimulating the same active receptors during physical activity, lowering inhibitions and relaxation. 

What Is A Panic Attack? 

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 A panic attack is an anxiety disorder that makes it hard to breathe and causes many people to feel highly anxious. It is a condition in which a person experiences intense fear and physical symptoms associated with the anticipation of danger or death.  
There are different panic attacks, but the most severe ones can lead to physical symptoms like chest pain, dizziness, or problems breathing. Typically, the cause is not known. The attack often occurs suddenly and may be very brief in duration.  
However, when someone is panicked/jittery, they may experience some of the following:  

  • Sensing the need for a bathroom. 
  • Feeling lightheaded and dizzy. 
  • Feeling sweaty and cold (but never hot). Feeling short of breath even though there are no signs of cardiac problems. 

Ways To Get A Calm Sensation At The Time Of Panic Attack 

When it comes to learning how to get a calm sensation at the time of a panic attack, you need to know that panic attacks are caused by the excessive production of adrenaline in your body.  
A lack of concentration and anxiety can cause panic attacks. Thus, learning how to get a calm sensation when a panic attack is essential to reduce your anxiety levels to avoid developing panic attacks. 
Following are some excellent ways to get a calming sensation when you have a panic attack: 

1. Deep Breathing 

Deep breathing helps to get a calm sensation during a panic attack.  
Here's how it works: When you breathe in, your diaphragm expands, which allows your lungs to fill with air and gives you more oxygen. It could be the main trigger for a panic attack. When we breathe in this way, our body releases endorphins. Endorphins are opiate-like substances that make us feel happy and relaxed. So if you begin deep breathing regularly when you're anxious, then feel the relief of those endorphins flooding through your system – it will help reduce the anxiety that causes panic attacks. 

2. Practice Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the practice of giving awareness to thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the present moment. It works by helping you become more aware of your thoughts and how they influence your body. You can practice it through meditation or yoga.  
Practicing mindfulness is a mental skill that can help one stay calm when facing a panic attack or anxiety. It helps reduce the intensity of the symptoms, maintain focus, and even relieve stress by giving you the ability to think clearly and see thoughts objectively. Mindfulness meditation usually gets done with elements that include focusing on your breathing, physical sensations, or simply observing your thoughts. 

3. Take Kratom Herb 


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 Calmness is one of the most underrated attributes of kratom. It has some complete relaxation and promotes a sense of peace in users. Because it feels so great, many people who try it get relief from their anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. 
This kratom herb works by inhibiting the action of the body's opioid receptors, thereby increasing dopamine levels and blocking the perception of pain. It can happen by binding to specific receptors in the brain's pleasure centers (much like opium does). 
As a result, it increases feelings of euphoria and makes you feel calm and relaxed. People suffering from anxiety often use kratom to get relief from their symptoms.  

4. Avoid Alcohol Consumption 

Alcohol consumption is one of the most toxic and harmful compounds in our bodies. It can lead to social and work-life problems, as well as it may cause mental disorders. It also affects the brain by changing our behavior. 
Alcohol creates an imbalance between the serotonin level and dopamine level in the brain, leading to addiction. The alcohol dries up your brain cells, you become confused and lose your sense of balance, leading to falling or loss of consciousness. So, it would help if you could avoid the consumption of alcohol to get calmness while you suffer from panic attacks. 


Panic attacks are intense, overwhelming feelings of terror and panic. They can happen suddenly, and sometimes they are triggered by a real-life or imagined threat.  
It is essential to manage our time better and ensure that there is always something calming to do to reduce your daily stress. 
There are many ways to soothe yourself, but sometimes it takes trial and error. One way is to take deep breaths in and out. You can also think about something relaxing for a little while. For example, you could imagine being on the best beach you've ever been to or being in bed surrounded by your favorite stuffed animal. 
And many people use kratom to treat anxiety. It works in a few different ways to calm the person experiencing the panic attack effectively. The calming effects of kratom are beneficial to people who have panic attacks. People who use kratom regularly will also notice a decrease in their body's tolerance to other drugs. 

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