Frequent Air Compressor Issues and How to Fix Them

An air compressor is a device that converts power into energy. This mechanical device can be found in various applications in the construction, manufacturing, and agriculture industries. It can also be found in engines and other applications. This article delves into the most frequent air compressor issues, as well as the most viable solutions to address them.

Compressor Failure

One of the most common air compressor issues is when the main compressor fails to start or stop or provide adequate pressure. There are instances wherein this is caused by an overlooked power connection or a lack of oil. In other cases, compressor failure is caused by a faulty pressure release valve or a defective power switch. On the other hand, a compressor that fails to provide adequate pressure may have an issue with an air-intake pump.
When your compressor fails to start, check your power button and switch, as well as your breakers first. You can also check the cut-in pressure settings, as well as your compressor fluids. If you don’t find issues in any of these, then perhaps you should leverage professional air compressor repair services for accurate problem detection and resolution. They may need to replace the valve or the power switch of your compressor, depending on the specific problem they identify.

Air Leak

Another common problem of air compressors is an air leak. The main indication of this is a low pressure indicated in your gauge when you deactivate the air compressor once your tank is full. Rest assured that air leaks can be easily sealed, but you need to accurately identify where the leak is coming from. In this case, listen for a hissing sound or run your fingers over it to feel any air escaping.
In case you fail to find the leak effortlessly, it will help if you lather the connections using liquid soap. Any bubbling will show you the exact location of the leak. From there, you will be able to seal it properly.

Pressure and Flow Issues

In some cases, your machine may appear to be working perfectly, but the truth is that there is already a build-up of too much air, or the pressure only reaches a certain reading and not much further. In this case, there might be a problem with your intake valve, pressure valve, gasket, piston seal, or even your tank check valve. The best thing for you to do is to check each of these components carefully and replace them if you notice that they are already worn out or damaged. Sometimes, this problem may also stem from an obstructed intake filter or an ill-fitting coupler that blocks the airflow, as well as a pressure gauge that is set to low.

The issues listed above are only some of the most common problems encountered by air compressors. Some other issues include bogged down problems, oil problems, as well as extremely hot emissions or strange noise and vibrations. Rest assured that there are numerous viable ways on how you will be able to address each of these issues.

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