The METAVERSE has been installed in the minds of investors and big technology companies, and the fashion and entertainment sector of crypto world. 
That is why the fashion week also had its place in the Metaversic space of Decentraland, where more than 70 fashion houses recognized worldwide were concentrated. 
We can say that technology dressed in haute couture through this version of digital fashion week. 
These inventions aim to merge virtual reality with everyday life, leaving aside paradigms and predispositions since advances in technology indicate that the future will be 100% digital. 
The Metaverse represents the most iconic and impressive platform for many visionaries to bring new projects to life. In conjunction with the NFTS, this virtual reality proposal represents new markets and, therefore, outstanding opportunities for economic growth for many. 
With these technological tools, design is unlimited; the fashion industry is consolidating itself with firm steps; for now, it is fashion week, but with time, the impact and scope of the Metaverse will soon be even more significant. 
A 100% different fashion week 
The traditional way of attending these exclusive events represents a fairly considerable investment. Still, once it's Fashion Week in the Metaverse, you can participate in it from the comfort of home and even in your pajamas. 
To be part of this fashion week, people only needed a computer and a good internet connection; the event was completely free, where parades and free contests involving the public could be observed. 
It took place on the Decentraland virtual platform in a constant search for spaces that allow visualizing the concept of a metaverse fashion since the characters that these worlds need to wear clothing as in reality. 
The name under which the event was promoted was Metaverse Fashion Week; the exhibited collections were subsequently auctioned. 
The visual effects that made up this first fashion week managed to entertain more than one, so much so that for September, it is expected that there will be a new version of this metaverse event, where its creator hopes to allow new designers. 
This event took place between March 24 and 27, 2022. Around 90,000 plots of virtual land were available to create the virtual representation of one of the essential fashion productions worldwide. 
Another positive aspect of this event is that anyone had access to it since it was not necessary to have any virtual reality vision equipment to get involved in it. 
Social networks were responsible for transcending this concept of digital fashion that left more than one captivated. 
A futuristic vision in the present 
This innovative proposal of seeing fashion from a digital perspective even allowed users to give their avatars a fashion twist, personalizing them through garments consistent with their features and tastes. 
The participants managed to be part of this fashion week, from the event's opening party to being part of the parade itself. 
No more than three people participated in creating each parade, achieving a work team made up of almost 30 people, including designers and computer specialists. 
An option that has been quite profitable for the large fashion firms since creating a fashion event requires significant capital investments and work teams, which is a fairly significant expense. 
Fashion firms of the height of Dolce &Gabanna, Tommy Hilfiger, and Peter Do, took place in the metaverse fashion week, where the impact of the new way of generating income for design firms gave the expected results. 
The main effect of this proposal to merge fashion and technology is to educate people about the digital environment that does not represent a threat but a new way of creating and projecting the digital economy. 
For many people, the Metaverse may represent a relatively significant technological adaptation challenge since the closest thing to technology for older people is mobile devices or Smartphones. 
All these events are intended to ensure that society interacts naturally with technology since advances not only reached the age of the internet but have transcended little by little over time. 
The days the technological evolution is covering more sectors, this is the moment of fashion, so there is no doubt that more corporations will join to increase their capital. 
All these tools have been created in favor of a more sustainable and sustainable economy for all. 

will be held January 26th, 2023, Noon to 4 PM EST with Atlanta locals in person and rest of country virtual via Zoom.

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January 26th, 2023
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