Fall in Texas: The Best 5 Ways to Maintain Your House

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Fall has already arrived in many parts of the country, including Texas. Although the weather is still relatively mild during the day and chilly at night, the Lone Star State also has cooler days for which people must be prepared well in advance. In addition to taking out the warm fuzzy blankets and getting those pumpkins ready, homeowners should also zip up their property for the upcoming cold season.

Generally speaking, winterizing a home is very important. Doing so provides residents with a lot of benefits, with the most important one being the prevention of serious damage to the property caused by extreme weather conditions. From fertilizing your lawn to inspecting the roof, here is a list of five things you should do to maintain your Texas home in the fall.

Check the guttering system

Checking your house’s guttering system is one of the most important things on your fall home maintenance checklist. If the gutters or downspouts are clogged with leaves and other debris or are unable to properly direct rainwater away from your house’s siding and foundation, then there will be serious water damage to your property. In this case, you will have to call up the professionals to come to clean the gutters and install a new guttering system, if necessary.

For instance, if you live in Fort Worth, the fifth-largest city in Texas, you can look for the best gutter installation Fort Worth services in your area to hire reputable contractors who can maintain and install new gutters professionally.

Inspect the chimney and fireplace

Another important thing you should do to prepare your home for the cold season is to inspect the chimney and fireplace. This is a home maintenance task that should also be left to the professionals as they have the appropriate tools and equipment to check the chimney for any damages, creosote accumulation, and flue blockages.

After performing a thorough chimney and fireplace inspection, don’t forget to stock up on enough firewood to last you the duration of both the fall and winter seasons. It is advised that you store your firewood in a location away from your house for safety reasons and to prevent possible fires.

Perform a roof inspection

Inspecting your roof is also very important as it helps you avoid any roof-related disasters that may occur when the really cold weather arrives. While most homeowners aren’t afraid to climb on top of their house’s roof and perform the inspection themselves, it is best that you leave it up to the professionals to do the job for you.

When scanning the roof, make sure you look for twisted or cracked shingles, mold, birds’ nests, debris, and even leakage, all of which can cause serious damage. For greater protection, you can consider reinforcing your roof by fastening the roof sheathing along the corners, ridges, and eaves and applying constructive adhesive along the truss.

Prepare your yard and deck

One thing many homeowners fail to realize is that fall is actually the best season to fertilize the yard as the cooler temperatures give your lawn the perfect setting to regain its strength. In addition to this, fertilization also gives your yard a beautiful winter color, eases your spring clean-up, and increases rooting.

Besides taking care of your lawn, you should also prepare your deck and make sure there are no protruding nails or loose boards that could cause a safety issue. Also, clean your deck from any dirt buildup and put away all furniture in the basement or attic.

Check for drafts around windows and doors

Although you may think that the change in season only requires your attention on the exterior of your home, the truth is what you do on the inside will matter just as much to maintain your house and prepare it for the upcoming cold weather. One thing you shouldn’t forget to do is check for drafts around windows and doors.

If there are any cracks in the doors or windows through which air can easily come in, then not only are you increasing the risk of major damage to your home, but your utility bills can also rise. So, make sure all doors and windows are shut and sealed properly to ensure the cold stays outside.

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Final thoughts

Although Texan fall may not be as cold as other parts of the country, it doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t take a few precautionary measures to prepare your home for the upcoming season. From checking the gutters to cleaning the deck, follow the tips from our post and get your Texas home ready for fall.


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