Eyrus Launches Strategic Safety Platform

Eyrus Launches Strategic Safety Platform

Eyrus, a leading workforce visibility platform for the construction industry, today announced its new Strategic Safety Platform to help construction companies and general contractors keep workers safe throughout the ongoing pandemic. Its workforce visibility and proximity tracking technology also helps them effectively manage their employees as vaccine mandates go into effect across the country.

Eyrus’ proximity tracking device, an IoT beacon and virtual-access tool, is at the center of the Strategic Safety Platform. SafeProx understands workers’ movements and delivers real-time density reports to show how many people are in specific areas of a job site, as well as who those people are. This Proximity Tracking tool also generates audible and visual alerts within close range of others to support and reinforce social distancing protocols.

In addition, it can send anonymized data when someone on a jobsite test COVID-positive so that any workers who were in close proximity can be notified. The Eyrus platform makes it simple to generate reports for specific date ranges, giving accurate insight into contact events for a specific worker or across the entire team. All of the data that’s captured is automatically sent to the Eyrus Cloud.

By pinpointing exactly who was exposed, general contractors can easily identify who needs to quarantine, rather than having the entire project temporarily shut down to prevent COVID spread. At the same time, Proximity Tracking keeps workers who were not in contact safe and gives them peace of mind that they are not exposed.

“It is clear that COVID is something we will be living with for a long time, and as variants of varying severity come and go, investing in a workforce management solution to mitigate project execution risk has never been more critical,” said Alexandra McManus, Co-founder and CEO of Eyrus. “We are thrilled to offer a number of tools and capabilities that make project management and worker safety exponentially easier.”

Eyrus’ workforce visibility and proximity tracking technology makes it possible to customize which data points are collected and which specific metrics stakeholders need to make decisions, no matter what the project size. For the Strategic Safety Platform, this means metrics like recording vaccination status of workers as well as religious exemptions and data on any applicable mandates for specific projects. For example, a firm working on a project for a specific company or in a location where vaccine mandates are in place might only be able to use vaccinated employees over the course of the job, whereas unvaccinated employees could be deployed on other projects not subject to the same restrictions. These workforce management capabilities enable companies to keep subcontractors employed while still respecting their medical decisions and beliefs; subcontractors can be utilized as efficiently as possible, and workers are not lost due to factors beyond the GC’s control.

“Amid such significant labor shortages, it is imperative that GCs have insight into every member of their team so that they can appropriately staff projects at all times,” added Hussein Cholkamy, Co-founder and COO of Eyrus. “Eyrus can help them monitor staff and assign the right people to the right jobs without the risk of fines or penalties for failing to follow federal, state or local guidance– as well as requirements of building owners, investors and property managers. At the same time, our platform is flexible enough to rapidly adjust as guidelines, mandates and conditions change.”

Once a project is completed, the building owner or manager can continue to utilize the platform and access the anonymized data, which can ease any concerns over health and safety protocols.

Founded in 2015, Eyrus has since provided value to over $220 billion worth of construction projects. The Eyrus platform is designed to be used on all sizes of projects in various sectors ranging from data center construction, residential, multi-family, commercial, hospitality, infrastructure and healthcare to interior renovation and manufacturing. Eyrus is an essential tool for project stakeholders, providing them access to data and knowledge to manage their projects and worksites with efficiency and confidence.

To learn more about how Eyrus can help guide projects and teams through the pandemic and beyond, go to www.eyrus.com.

About Eyrus

Eyrus is a leading workforce visibility platform working to define the future of work. With best-in-class technology tailored to deliver actionable insights in real time, Eyrus ensures workers are deployed where needed at the right time, tracks progress across key areas of infrastructure projects, forecasts schedule deviations, and enables seamless communications among stakeholders and the fast and secure transfer of assets. Since launching in 2015, Eyrus has developed solutions that are single-mindedly focused on cost, accuracy and operational efficiency. We look forward to working with your team through the transformation of work. To learn more about Eyrus, visit our site: www.eyrus.com.

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