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Exploring the Benefits of Triple Wide Garages

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Exploring the Benefits of Triple Wide Garages

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For many homeowners, the garage is more than just a place to park cars. It serves as a workspace, storage area, and even an extra living space. As such, having ample garage space is a high priority for households with multiple vehicles, hobbyists, DIYers, and those who need room for all of life’s accumulations. For these homeowners, triple wide garages offer an appealing option to maximize garage space without the need for major home additions or renovations.

What is a Triple Wide Garage?

A triple wide garage gets its name from having room for three cars parked side-by-side. The typical dimensions of a triple garage are 26 to 30 feet wide and 20+ feet deep, providing ample space for three full-sized vehicles along with room left over for storage, workspace, etc. Triple wide garage plans also commonly include higher walls (10+ feet) to accommodate larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and RVs.

Unlike standard two-car garages, which feel cramped and cluttered for many families, triple-wide garages offer a spacious, open layout ideal for multipurpose functionality. The additional width and depth provide more flexibility in garage layouts and storage solutions.

Benefits of a Triple Wide Garage

For homeowners in need of serious garage space, the benefits of triple wide dimensions are numerous:

More Parking Capacity

The most obvious advantage is fitting three cars comfortably with room to spare, reducing the need for outdoor parking spots. Multiple vehicles are quickly becoming the norm for households with teenagers getting their licenses. Triple garages prevent the headache of jockeying cars on the driveway or street. The extra room also makes pulling in and out much easier without the tight maneuvering required in narrow garages.

Flexible Workspace Solutions

Between hobbyists and DIYers, many homeowners use their garage as a workspace for projects big and small. Unfortunately, most standard two-car garages leave little room for workbenches, storage solutions, tools, materials, etc. By contrast, triple wide garage dimensions easily accommodate high-quality workspace storage and ample work surfaces along walls, leaving room for car parking in the middle.

RV, Boat & Equipment Storage

For families with large recreational vehicles like RVs, trailers, boats, ATV equipment, and more, finding accessible parking can be a major headache, especially in neighborhoods with HOA rules. Triple wide garage plans conveniently accommodate these larger vehicles while still leaving room for parking cars. The extra interior height is also essential for easily accessing rooftop storage.

Gym & Living Space Conversions

Some homeowners opt to convert part or all of their triple-wide garage into living space, such as a gym, studio apartment, teen hangout, man cave, shed, or multipurpose rec room. The generous square footage and possibility of insulating walls and installing climate control systems make garage conversions feasible and comfortable. Be sure to plan garage conversion projects carefully based on local permitting laws.

More Living Space Without Additions

Speaking of garage conversions, transforming even part of a triple wide garage essentially adds livable square footage to a home without the need for costly home additions. For homes where adding on is not feasible, converting the back portion of an oversized three-car garage into a family room, hobby studio, home gym, or other helpful living space is a creative way to expand a home’s functional area.

Increased Storage Capacity

Most full-sized garages easily fill up with tools, gear, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, kids’ memorabilia, and so on. Triple wide garages offer more cubic storage capacity to organize all of life’s accumulated possessions more comfortably. Strategic storage solutions like shelving, cabinetry, overhead storage racks and wall systems better maximize a garage’s storage possibilities when sufficient wall space is available.

Added Resale Value

Undoubtedly, outdoor parking capacity and garage space add value from a home buyer’s perspective. In fact, quality garages often help homes sell faster and for more money. This makes oversized triple garages a smart long-term investment for added resale value. Many real estate agents recommend at least a two-and-a-half-car garage for resale prospects. Triple garages take it a step further for even more curb appeal.

Things to Consider With Triple Wide Garages

While triple wide garages clearly provide tempting space and flexibility compared to standard two-car designs, they are only sometimes right for every homeowner’s needs and budget. Here are a few considerations when exploring triple garage options:

Overall Costs

The obvious tradeoff for maximizing garage space is increased project cost and budget requirements. Adding a third bay and wider dimensions means greater foundation, framing, and roofing materials and higher demolition costs if an existing structure is being replaced. Generally speaking, triple garage construction costs run 50-100% more than two-car designs.

Site Logistics

Site factors, in addition to budget, may preclude a triple garage addition. Available land, setback requirements, drainage considerations, overhead utilities, and permitting factors dictate the size capacities of garages for residential lots. Carefully assess your property’s unique spatial logistics before ordering plans.

Climate Control Costs

If planning to convert any portion into livable space, the costs of insulating, heating, and cooling a much larger area need accounting as well. From a temperature control perspective, garages tend to be the most expensive rooms to maintain comfortable climate levels.

Overall Design Scheme

An oversized triple bay garage may overpower or disproportionately dominate the look of some average-sized homes. Consider how three doors and an extended-width design affect your home’s exterior facade and proportions. Most designers recommend all garage doors facing the street be limited to 50% or less of the total linear home frontage.


For car enthusiasts, hobbyists, DIYers, collectors, or just households needing serious square footage, few options maximize garage potential, like the spacious trio of parking spots known as the triple wide. While these oversized garages require greater upfront investment and careful design considerations, the long-term flexibility, storage gains, enhanced workspace capability, and added living area possibilities make them well worth exploring by homeowners across the country.

If seeking to construct a new detached garage or addition to maximize vehicle capacity and utility, be sure to consult reputable building companies for specialized insight into planning and constructing the triple bay garage of your dreams. With over a decade of experience constructing prefab metal structures across the Midwest, their team brings expertise in everything from demolition services to concrete work and customized garage add-ons to facilitate your perfect garage project.



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