Easily Deal With an Auto Accident And Its Aftermath

One of the last things any of us wants to experience is an auto-accident. Yet, many of us don’t give this any serious consideration until it’s too late. With one car accident occurring every four hours in Atlanta, it’s about time to think about how to react. What would you do in the unfortunate event this happened to you or if you’re a witness to an auto accident? This article will help you make decisions that could affect what happens after.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

This is a choice only you can make. If the accident is small and you can resolve it between you and the other party, then there’s no need for a lawyer. However, auto-accidents very often aren’t this simple. If you need to contact an insurance company then hiring an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer to liaise with them on your behalf could make the difference between you receiving a settlement amount you are entitled to receive and the minimum an insurance company wants to pay you.
If you have sustained injuries and need further rehabilitation because of an auto accident, resulting in more time off from work, this money will be vital. After all, you still have bills to pay and also need to eat. This money will enable you to cover things that your income would, plus any additional medical expenses incurred.
If you decide to hire a lawyer, then you should do so as soon as possible - at the very latest a few days after the accident. An experienced lawyer will collate all the relevant evidence, whether it be from surveillance cameras, witnesses. They will ensure you meet all the legal deadlines in which to file relevant paperwork. Missing a deadline may mean you cannot proceed with your case.
Legal fees vary from firm to firm, but there are some who will not charge you a cent until the case is over. This means you don’t have to worry about costs, knowing that they’ll be covered once money is collected from either the defendant or insurance company.

Medical Assistance

Always err on the side of caution and seek medical advice as soon as possibly convenient if you’ve been involved in an auto accident. Just because you appear fine doesn’t mean that you are inside. Some internal injuries may not present their symptoms immediately. Only a medical professional can determine whether there has been any internal damage done to your body and whether you need further medical help.
However, medical help beyond accident and emergency is very much dependent upon whether you have insurance. If not, any good personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you in obtaining the medical help you need.
Obtaining medical assistance and obtaining reports will also help your case. They will provide medical proof of your injuries and may detail any future treatment you could need thereafter. This could also make a difference to any amount you receive. You want to know any future medical costs resulting from this auto-accident will be covered and not leave you out of pocket.


This last aspect is one that you may not initially consider or be able to obtain at the time of the accident but is an important one nonetheless. Obtaining the contact details of any witnesses to your accident is vital. Witnesses are independent parties that can provide impartial accounts of observing your accident. Their testimonies will bolster your case because of this.
Timing is integral when obtaining witness accounts. What a witness may remember happening at the time of your accident may become hazy as time goes on, such as their shock at seeing what happened or their disbelief of how the other party was driving. Therefore obtaining their statements as soon as possible is important.
Even the smallest of detail could affect the outcome of your case, which is why recording everything a witness saw at the time of your accident in a statement must be quickly done. This will ensure all details are obtained in the event the witness is reluctant to become involved, for whatever reason.

These are just a few aspects of what is required should you ever have the misfortune of being involved in an auto accident. Even as a witness, you may be able to help another party with your quick thinking. Knowing what to do beforehand, even if it means having a checklist or details of a personal injury lawyer, will help your case.
It may make the difference between you receiving a settlement that you justly deserve or receiving something that just about allows you to cover the bare necessities. With the former, it enables you to concentrate on recovering without having to worry about budgeting, unlike if you were to find yourself in the latter financial situation after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

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