Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

When summer arrives, your air conditioning unit takes the biggest hit. However, with regular AC maintenance, including air duct cleaning, you can reduce the impact and increase the longevity of your cooling system. Besides, you can improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC unit. 

But there is a common question on many homeowners' minds– does air duct cleaning work? When you skip regular air duct cleaning, contaminant micro-particles and dust will start to build inside the air duct. And when this happens, all these dust and allergens get mixed in your indoor air and lowers the air quality of your house. Besides, when the ducts are filled with these particles, the airflow is disrupted, and your cooling system needs to operate longer to reach the desired temperature. Eventually, you start noticing a spike in your monthly electricity bills. 

But all these problems can be resolved with air duct cleaning. Again, if you have someone in your family with respiratory disease, you should be more concerned about cleaning the air ducts regularly. Because with regular air duct cleaning, you can lower the risk of having various respiratory diseases. 

So, how do you know if it’s the right time to clean the air ducts or not? If your air conditioner and home have these 3 signs, you must need an air duct cleaning right now. 

Air Duct Cleaning: 3 Signs Your AC Ducts Need Cleaning

1.   Dust is Everywhere

Not everyone likes to clean the house, especially when you’re a busy person and stay most of your time away from your house. But if dust accumulates in your home frequently, there is a high chance that there is dust buildup in your air ducts, and it requires cleaning.

Again, when you turn on your cooling system, do you notice popping out from your AC vents? If so, check the vents and register of your HVAC system.

If you find out the AC vents or supply register is filled with dust, you need to check your AC ductwork. For this, remove the vent cover and check inside the air ducts. If you notice dust in the metal cover of the air ducts, you should do air duct cleaning as soon as possible.

To prevent dust buildup, you can also replace your air filter every 3 months with regular air duct cleaning. Besides, you can purchase an air purifier. All these will prevent dust buildup and keep your indoor air clean.

2.   Molds

When you have molds in your space, you and your family members will start having allergies and different respiratory problems. Besides, it can create a lot of problems for those who already have existing respiratory diseases.

Molds grow exponentially in humid conditions. When your air conditioner develops condensation, molds start to grow and spread in your house. And this AC condensation is a common problem in hot and humid areas.

AC components like vent covers are the suitable place for molds to grow. But as this part isn’t easily accessible, it gets difficult to identify molds early. However, when you have molds in your AC system, you’ll start noticing bad odor in your home. Besides, you’ll notice a sharp decline in your indoor air quality.

As soon as you identify molds in your air conditioner, you should call an expert duct cleaning expert and solve the issue. Because if you delay this, the situation will worsen and make everyone in your house sick.

Green Leaf Air duct cleaning service is one of the most reliant services in Dallas. They offer their air duct cleaning service in Dallas, Houston,Fort Worth,San Antonio, Austin, and Alabama. Besides, they offer 24/7 HVAC support and repair services.

3.   Higher Cooling Bills

Your monthly cooling bill should be consistent if you don’t have any issue with the AC or air ducts. But if you notice a sharp rise in your monthly cooling bills, there is a high possibility that your AC is the main culprit, and you should check the condition of your air ducts.

If you haven’t performed regular air duct cleaning in recent times, chances are your AC air ducts are filled with dust and contaminants. When there is dust or micro particles in the air ducts, it’ll disrupt the airflow. As a result, your system will have to operate longer, eventually increasing the monthly cooling bills.

Again, you can have higher monthly electric bills due to leaks in the air ducts. When you have leaks in the air ducts, produced cool air will leak through the holes. As a result, the AC unit will have to operate longer to reach your set temperature. To identify the actual reason, you should call a professional HVAC technician and solve the main issue.

Must-Do Air Duct Cleaning: After Renovation or Major Construction Project

If your home has gone through major construction work or renovation, you need air duct cleaning as soon as possible. This is truer if you didn’t cover the air conditioner during the construction or renovation. During construction or renovation work, dust and other particles fly throughout the house. As a result, your AC air ducts get filled with these particles. That’s why, after renovation, you must clean your AC air ducts.


With regular air duct cleaning, the air quality of your space will get improved. Besides, you can increase the efficiency of your cooling unit.

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