CCCT with Debbie Merrick from DM Business Advisors

  CCCT with Debbie Merrick from DM Business Advisors Video     CCCT sat down with Debbie Merrick, President of DM Business Advisors. As diverse business advisors, DM Business Advisors is dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges that your business may be facing. Her team of experts, with extensive experience in a variety of […]

5 Ways Technology Revolutionize Your Remote Work Experience

In 2020, there was a radical shift from the traditional office as the pandemic raved worldwide. This resulted in a work-from-home economy that will continue to be a mainstay long after the pandemic subsides.   Today, it is common to find businesses that allow employees to work from home and workers who have remote jobs. The […]

Atlanta native serves aboard USS Carl Vinson

Aviation Structural Mechanic (Equipment) 3rd Class Darien Burke, a native of Atlanta, Ga., performs a canopy air pressure test on an F/A-18E Super Hornet, assigned to the “Golden Dragons” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 192, in the hangar bay of Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Vinson is currently underway conducting Group Sail. […]

6 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Contractor Marketing Services

Do you work on contract basis? Maybe you operate a building and construction company, run a tradesman business, or engage in other service provision contract venture. Regardless of your niche, you need to drive sales and win contracts. This aspect does not occur naturally. You need to market and promote your business to generate leads.  […]

Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Cyber Threats

Industrial Control System (ICS) Security is becoming more crucial now as cyberattacks target physical processes more frequently, either as extortion or to damage vital production equipment. Despite the rising threats related to ICS attacks and IT(information technology/OT(operational technology) convergence, there are steps that businesses can take to improve their cybersecurity posture and overall cyber resilience. […]