Fleet and Equipment Usage Data can Help Improve Project Budget Estimates

Fleet and Equipment Usage Data can Help Improve Project Budget Estimates Construction and renovation companies have a lot of factors to consider regarding project budgeting. One way to more accurately predict contract estimates is by using historical asset usage data, including duration of use across job types and the associated costs. Budgeting Obstacles When drafting […]

Who needs to audit smart contract?

Who needs to audit smart contract? Auditing smart contracts is an important part of the development process for blockchain-based applications. Smart contracts are computer programs that are written and stored on a blockchain, and they enable users to make secure and trustless transactions without the need for an intermediary. As such, it is essential to […]


 Fellowes, a family-owned company which has offered a broad range of workplace products since 1917, has announced today its brand expansion into its Contract Interiors business. Both Trendway and ESI brands will transition to the Fellowes Brand in the first half of 2023. Furthermore, during the course of 2023, Fellowes will be expanding its brand […]

How Is the Chinese Aluminum Extrusion Company JMA Aluminum?

About JMA Aluminum JMA is among China’s pioneers in the aluminum profile business. They have been making aluminum profiles for a range of purposes since 1993. Their major product lines are aluminum windows and doors for domestic usage, commercial curtain walls, and industrial aluminum profiles. In 1999, JMA was accorded import-export privileges as a private […]

Construction Technology Trends To Consider In 2023

A deadly virus took the world by storm almost three years ago, resulting in a global shutdown that impacted everyday life, the economy, and the business landscape. While some industries transitioned and excelled, others, like construction, struggled to weather the storm. Federal and local mandates prohibited or limited many in the domestic sector from securing […]

Everything you want to know about a Construction Manager Course

Working in the construction industry is an unpredictable path. Everyday enables you to encounter new experiences that will help you be flexible and adaptable to change. Similar with taking a construction manager course, you will be able to acquire knowledge and skills relevant for your career. Not everyone is aware about the importance of a […]