5 Tips to Hire a Contractor for Your Commercial Bathroom

Have you been treating your commercial bathroom as an afterthought? If yes, it may be time to remodel it. Remodeling a commercial bathroom can benefit your workspace because these spaces offer a moment of calm and respite to your employees or customers.

However, besides mainly focusing on cleanliness or considering essential characteristics like fire safety compliance, remember the appearance and design of your bathroom also matter. It reflects how you pay attention to providing quality customer experience and a great office for your team, especially if you’re staying in a place like Kalamazoo that has been seeing an increase in investment acquisitions. 

Also, according to the NAR Commerical Real Estate Metro Market report of 2021, Kalamazoo’s commercial real estate market is now gradually recovering with overall economic conditions stronger than before, attracting investors and creating opportunities for businesses. Thus, just by remodeling your outdated bathroom design, you can significantly increase the value of your commercial property and possibly work toward improving your reputation as an employer and service provider.

Still, before you start your commercial bathroom remodel project, remember that renovating a commercial bathroom is an important undertaking that demands careful planning. Thus, hiring a competent contractor who can bring your vision to life without compromising other building codes or standards is crucial.

In this article, we will help you make the right decision by discussing five tips to hire only the best contractor for your bathroom remodel project. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Review the Past Work

If your office is in a large metropolitan area like Kalamazoo, then you’ll need to ensure your office stands out from your competition—optics matter. So, if you are looking for bathroom remodels in Kalamazoo or anywhere else, hiring a professional remodeling contractor requires thorough consideration. One way to ensure this is to review the images of their past work or read testimonials of their previous clients. The idea here is to determine which contractor matches the work style you desire and hope to achieve with your remodel. 

Doing some research will also help you ensure that your remodeling project is tailored to your needs, is built to last, and fits your company’s personality. An experienced contractor with a proven portfolio may seem expensive at first but don’t just take it as throwing money down the drain. While the initial cost may be high, remember you can get back what you spend on remodeling because it can increase the resale value of your property. 

Plus, you can also ask for references from the contractor and contact their clients for an honest opinion. It is better to hear about the work directly from clients than solely relying on what their representatives say. 

2. Interview Multiple Contractors

Even if you like the previous work of any contractor, do not make a hasty decision without interviewing a handful of contractors who specialize in commercial bathroom renovation or construction. Doing so helps in understanding the full scope of bathroom remodeling options. 

Thus, when you speak with contractors, discuss the scope of projects they have handled, how they manage the overall renovation process, and if they are licensed and have the proper insurance to offer the services. Also, ask about any specials or discounts you may qualify for. 

Similarly, if your bathroom remodeling project involves changing only a few things in your space, always try to build a trusting relationship with the remodeling contractor. If you find it hard to do so, it is better to move on and take your renovation job elsewhere. 

3. Get Written Estimates

Once you have interviewed contractors and reviewed their past work, it’s time to discuss or get the estimate for your remodeling project. Remember the scope of your commercial bathroom remodeling project hinges on your pre-defined budget. Thus, instead of accepting any given verbal estimate, it is recommended to get a written estimate. 

Getting your estimates in writing provides a complete breakdown of your renovation. Another strong reason to request written estimates is that it minimizes the chances of human error in calculations. Often, numbers get misinterpreted, forgotten, or misheard.

For instance, your contractor may miss out on an item while calculating the estimate for your project in their heads. Also, getting a written estimate helps create a binding agreement between both parties. These estimates are not only understood by all, but they are also highly valuable in case you need to take any legal action. 

4. Pin Down the Schedule and Payment

Another important tip before hiring a contractor or signing a contract for your bathroom remodeling project is to bring up and discuss the scheduling and payment matters beforehand. For instance, when discussing the schedule, share when you would like to commence the renovation, the overall duration of the project, and when you expect it to finish. See if your schedule also matches the schedule of your contractor.

Also, always account for some setbacks and delays in your project and discuss them with your contractor to better understand how these situations will be handled and how long it will take to get back on schedule. Remember, scheduling is vital for both parties to be on the same page and avoid conflicts. 

Similarly, don’t forget to determine a payment schedule before starting the project. Before the contractor starts working on your project, discuss how they like to handle payments. While some may ask for an upfront payment, others may prefer to wait until your remodeling project is complete. 

5. Verify Industry Credentials and Licensing

Ensure the commercial bathroom remodeling contractor you select for your project has a verified current license. A contractor becomes licensed only when they meet certain requirements, such as passing tests, having a current liability insurance policy, passing a criminal background check, and becoming bonded. Also, do not hire a contractor with an expired license. 

The Final Word

Hiring a commercial bathroom remodel contractor is a big step. It requires thorough consideration and proper planning. Thus, follow the five tips discussed above to stay informed when hiring an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor. 

Also, when you work with the right contractor, it helps you design and remodel a bathroom that looks trendy and adds to your business’s credibility and appeal. Good luck!

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