Decorative Glass Eggs: Original Murano Centerpiece

It is difficult to stay indifferent to the magical atmosphere surrounding Venice. With its timeless and elegant beauty, the city attracts many visitors every year. Sumptuous palaces, historical churches, exhibitions, and museums: the island of Venice holds a unique cultural heritage. At every singular step, you will be mesmerized by the peculiar features of the city: the calli, the sound of the sea, and centenary buildings in which lots of famous writers, poets, and nobles lived. 

The start of the “tourist season” is in February, for the celebration of the well-known Carnival of Venice. On this occasion, people wear refined handmade costumes that resemble those of the 18th century. This tradition has been brought on and on since the 13th century, even though, in the beginning, the purpose of Venetian citizens was to dress up as nobles. In this way, they felt like to be rich as well, and, many times, they also mock them behind their backs. 
The most important events during the Carnival have been “Volo dell’Angelo” and “La Festa Delle Marie”, alongside the many parties inside the palaces. 
During “La Festa Delle Marie”, the twelve most beautiful brides-to-be were chosen by aristocrats for marriage. Then, they were given the famous dowry and were invited to the Doge’s Palaces for celebrations. It was a unique occasion for them to become nobles. 
Another important occasion to visit the city is during the Easter break. The flowered-scented air and the delightful spring weather allow tourists to admire Venice with a glowing light. 
The origin of the word “Easter” comes from Greek, and it means “to move on”, indicating a passage or a transition. For Jews, it is the passage from slavery to freedom, symbolized by going through the Red Sea, while for Christians it is the transition from death to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
On Easter day, many countries have the tradition to paint eggs: a secular custom brought by the first Christians. They colored eggs in red, or with crosses or other symbols. 

Painting eggs leaves an important message: eggs create life, and they are used as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. This custom was born from the necessity to use eggs during Lent because religious people starved during this period. 
The eggs have recently become real decorations inside a house. They are used as an alternative centerpiece to give a colorful touch to the home environment. 
Inspired by the centenary tradition, the artisans in Venice have created amazing decorative eggs to display. They are all made by expert glass masters on the island of Murano, worldwide famous for glass production. These unique decorative glass eggs are entirely handmade with the refined technique of glass blowing, where the master blows up the incandescent substance with the help of a can. In this way, the hot glass is given a round-shaped form. After that, the final form of the object is shaped using specific tools. 
You can see for yourself many creations of this kind at YourMurano: an online platform selling original Murano Glass products at stock prices. 

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