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Choosing the Perfect Electric Ride: 5 Key Tips

Choosing the Perfect Electric Ride: 5 Key Tips

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Electric scooters are gaining popularity, especially in the 21st century. The need for green energy consumption over fuel fossils to run vehicles is one of the factors fueling the popularity of these electronic scooters.

Fossil fuel usage contributes to carbon emissions, significantly contributing to global warming. However, electric scooters use electricity, which is a form of green energy and thus sustainable. As you transition to electric mobility devices, particularly electric scooters, you must choose a perfect ride.

Yet, if you’re new to handling electric scooters, the options in the market may overwhelm you. This is why this piece highlights five tips that you can use to choose a perfect ride. Explore!

1. Legitimacy

Electric scooters are enjoyable; it’s undeniable. But they have also in the past been a security concern.

Your first step should be to ascertain the legitimacy of the scooter before buying or using it. Look for electric scooters from reliable and legitimate manufacturers and dealers of Electric Kicks.

These manufacturers prioritize your safety and give you relevant recommendations on handling the vehicles for comfort and safety.

2.Test It Out

Once you know the legitimacy and reliability of electric scooter manufacturers, it is time to try it out. At this point, you’re sure of the size of the feet deck and the weight that matches the electric scooter you’ve chosen.

Check your weight and only ride a scooter whose maximum load weight you don’t supersede. Confirm the speed that the manufacturer recommends.

If you want to enjoy climbs, go for scooters with a higher speed. Additionally, fit the space where you place both feet to ensure they can comfortably fit in the deck. An unfitting deck will be uncomfortable and, worse still, unsafe to ride.

3.Choose the Right Wheels

The issue of the appropriate wheels is an interesting one. So think about it here: what terrain will you be riding most of the time? If you’ll be doing most of your rides on sandy-based roads, pavements, or lawns, opt for an electric scooter with thicker wheels. Smaller and relatively lighter wheels are best suited for smooth roads.

The thickness and largeness of the wheels make it easier for the scooter to ride comfortably on potholes and bumps. Remember to get one with shock absorbers if you intend to ride on roads with stones.

4.Lightness and Longevity

Modern electric scooters are light and more comfortable. Ultralight electric scooters are currently available and have come to ease your transportation of these scooters. Previously, people found the electric scooters too heavy and hence inconvenient. It was difficult for you to lift, fold, and pack them in your car’s boot. The lighter electric scooter designs are thus an improvement that you should also embrace.

Be sure about the scooter’s power-to-weight ratio, as this determines portability without compromising performance. Materials making the scooter also determine the weight. For instance, carbon fiber-based scooters have high strength-to-weight shafts that facilitate portability and efficiency.

Longevity in this situation is multifaceted. One refers to how much the scooter’s battery will hold power. You don’t want the inconvenience of getting stuck on the road as you maneuver through traffic. Choose a scooter with a lithium-ion battery, at least one that takes a few hours to charge from empty to full.

Your battery should also allow you to at least ride for 30 kilometers before it runs out. Such batteries support regenerative braking, enabling you to extend the battery life as you ride. Electric scooters with energy recovery features could also be an excellent choice. Two, longevity means you can use the scooter for a long time without incurring repair and maintenance costs.


A GPS tracker is just one of the primary smart technologies your electric scooter should have. GPS trackers improve your ease of locating your scooter should someone steal it. Modernity has also created new demands, especially regarding electric vehicles.

With this awareness, manufacturers have equipped electric scooters with smart features. For instance, new-generation electric scooters also have technologies like Bluetooth connectivity. Manufacturers have also revamped electric scooters to help you monitor your riding speed using Bluetooth.

Smart features also enable you to monitor your battery use and energy consumption, enhancing your safety. Also, consider speed controls before choosing a rise. Speed controllers make your rides smoother as you won’t need to be concerned about the accelerator.

Final Thoughts

Electric Kicks are the new norm. They’re a convenient way to evade traffic jams and also have fun. Their many advantages make the future of electric scooters very promising. As their technological advances improve, the vehicles’ performance also improves. Enhanced performance is every rider’s dream and desire.

So, if you plan to get one, consider the above five pits. In addition to these tips, observe scooter etiquette. And if you are still unsure whether to get one, remember the sustainability of these vehicles makes them a good option for environmental champions.



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