Causes and Effects of Accidents on Construction Sites

Numerous workers suffer injuries every year on construction sites. Injuries could result from faulty equipment, improper safety protocols, or other reasons. If you got injured on a construction site due to someone else's fault, an attorney could help you get justice, but before that, you must understand the cause and effects of construction accidents. 

Common Causes of Construction Accidents 

Struck By An Object 

Construction workers are at an increased risk of getting struck by an object on the site. For example, tools falling off higher platforms could hit the worker and cause serious injuries. Struck-by hazards can result in broken bones, fractures, traumatic head injuries, and internal injuries.

Falling Accidents 

A simple slip-and-fall accident on a construction site can result in minor to major injuries. It could result from different reasons, including a slippery floor, uneven ground, or broken stairs. The accident can even be fatal if the fall is from a great height. 

Caught Between Accidents 

Caught between or caught in mishaps are relatively common on construction sites. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), workers can suffer caught between accidents, such as being crushed by a vehicle backing into a wall, stuck in an area during trench work, and working too close to dangerous machinery that can tug on their clothes or limbs. 

Electrocution and Burns 

Construction workers can be at a high risk of being electrocuted because they work close to live or uncovered electrical wires or power lines. A high-voltage current can lead to a loss of nervous control and numerous neurological problems. Another kind of accident that is common at construction sites is a burn accident due to exposure to toxic chemical fumes and roofing materials that can damage their lungs and eyes. 

Common Construction Accident Injuries 

  • Spinal Cord Injuries: In a serious accident, workers on the site can suffer spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis and permanent disabilities. Minor spinal cord injuries can be healed through rest and physical therapy. 
  • Loss of Hearing: Dealing with high-decibel equipment can cause workers to develop hearing loss. 
  • Vision loss: Prolonged exposure to toxic gases and hazardous chemicals can lead to complete or partial vision loss. 
  • Head Injuries: Being struck by a heavy object can cause traumatic brain injuries.   
  • Leg Injuries: The legs are prone to soft tissue injuries, sprains, and strains. Accidents on a construction site can also result in joint dislocation or fracture. 

How to Determine If You Have a Case?

There are a few things that can determine whether or not you have a construction accident case. For instance, were there any unsafe procedures or equipment on the construction site? Also, was there any violation of other OSHA policies? 

Another person's preventable negligence is another factor that can help determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your damages. 

Typically construction accidents caused by an unsafe work environment involve violating OSHA rules. If you are injured, your damages could include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Why Hire an Attorney? 

If you are injured on a construction site, you can file a claim to recover damages. However, construction accidents can be complicated, especially when you need to establish liability for the accident. Hiring a construction accident attorney in the Bronx will help you better understand if you have a case. 

The attorney can also help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries by gathering evidence and handling all the paperwork. Construction accident claims and lawsuits can take several months or even years to conclude, but hiring an experienced construction accident attorney can help expedite the process.  

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