Caring for Trees in a Commercial Space

The benefits of having trees in a residential garden, or near a property, are fairly well documented. They provide not just aesthetic value, they can increase the property's financial value too.
Reports have shown that just having streetside trees near a home in the US can add perhaps $7,000 to the valuation of that property. They also have many benefits in commercial spaces. However, urban tree numbers may be in decline.
Science Direct reports that there is likely to be a substantial downturn in the number of urban trees due to climate change. One cause for the decline can be from overwatering, a side effect of the changes in the world’s climate with downpours intensifying.
Sometimes though, overwatering and other problems that trees face are caused much more directly by human hands. To keep trees healthy in urban and commercial spaces, they need to be cared for properly. 

What are the benefits of having trees in a commercial or urban area?

There is no doubt that trees add beauty to the landscape wherever they are. When designers plan out retail parks, office parks, or industrial areas, there are almost always trees involved.
The reasons for this may not be completely obvious beyond the aesthetic value, but there are many advantages to planting trees in urban spaces. They help to cool the surrounding air in cities, and they also absorb pollution.
Trees in commercial areas can make the air around them healthier, and make these spaces better places to work in.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the USA, trees can even help with physical and mental health by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. 

How can you look after trees in a commercial space?

Urban trees face the same problems as residential tee owners have, but they have one or two more unique ones as well.
Many commercial spaces will have irrigation systems built-in, and these can contribute to the overwatering problem mentioned above. There will also be on-site contractors for maintenance and gardening. However, it is not so likely that these contractors will have any professional tree surgery experience.
Accidents with equipment such as strimmers can damage the bark of a tree, and this can put the tree’s health in danger.
Ideally, anyone in charge of commercial space would use professional tree services for pruning, trimming, removal, and treatment. Some of the reasons for this are laid out below. 

Pruning trees should be done by professionals

There is no reason why very young trees cannot be pruned by anyone safely. However, once a tree is big enough that its branches are heavy, or require climbing, a tree surgeon should be used.
There are hundreds of fatalities every year from tree pruning, and it is a dangerous activity that requires heavy equipment, and skilled technicians to carry out.
Tree trimming isn’t just to make the tree look beautiful, it can be for practical reasons too. It removes hazards such as damaged branches, trees getting too close to power cables, and it makes parking areas safer. 

Keeping public and parking areas clean and clear

Trimming trees back in commercial parking areas can make visitors feel safer. Not only will this make the area around more visible, but it will reduce any risk of damage by falling branches.
Caring for trees also means caring for your visitors, and will involve some clearing too. You may wonder why clean a parking area on a construction site? But trees can cause hazards if you don’t clear around them.
Wet leaves are not only a slipping hazard, they can cause cars to skid. Storms can cause damage to trees, and a damaged branch can represent a real danger to humans and property. 

Removing dead trees or obstructions

If trees are damaged severely by storms then they may need removing. Sometimes a disease can harm a tree so much that it dies, or represents a problem to the other trees around it. 
Tree stumps left behind by other removals can cause obstructions too, especially if construction is planned in that area. The easiest way to remove a tree stump in this instance will be to call in professional tree service.
Other methods such as chemicals and burning may not be practical in an urban area, especially if it is highly populated by workers and shoppers. 


One of the most common mistakes with trees in commercial spaces is poor planning and planting them incorrectly. Therefore, one of the best ways to care for trees is to think carefully about where they are going before planting them.
Power cables, pipes, and sunlight need to be considered when planting a tree. Planting the tree too deeply can result in the plant dying. However, healthy fully grown trees need care too.
Tree pruning, watering carefully, regular inspections, and treatment of diseases, should all be done by trained arborists and tree surgeons. Then green urban and commercial spaces can be enjoyed by all.

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