Buying Property in Balmain: Why You Should Invest

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Investing in a real estate property is huge and certainly not for the faint-hearted. This is one of those investments you do not make regularly, and a lot of crucial planning goes into purchasing a property. Nevertheless, when you decide to invest in a property in Balmain, you do yourself a favor because it has many benefits. Investors can enjoy good returns, consistent income flow, tax advantages, diversity with appropriate assets, and real estate that one can use to grow wealth.
Regardless of how daunting it seems; property investment becomes easier when you check out the best properties available in Balmain. Balmain East, a tiny neighborhood barely 2 kilometers from central Sydney, is noted for its spectacular city views and waterways.
The Balmain peninsula has grown in popularity among visitors, young professionals, house purchasers, and investors during the last few decades. Balmain East is one of the peninsula's crown jewels, with rich history, facilities, and active transit access. So, here are some of the most convincing reasons to invest in a property in Balmain.  

  1. Get the Best Real Agents in Balmain

When shopping for a home in Balmain, you should look for reputable real estate agents. They can assist you in finding the perfect home available in the region. Having someone with experience and a thorough awareness of the market and the area can help you avoid the possible problems and difficulties of locating a house on your own.
If you're a seller, you may know how much money you want when selling the property. However, whether the price is acceptable enough until you can discover comparable listings or property sales similar to yours is a huge matter. It is among the many things that Balmain real estate salespeople can perform with their eyes closed and may also provide you with information on the current state of the market in your desired area. So, if you're willing to buy a home, hire a reputable agency like Ray White Balmain to assist you.


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  1. Affordable Cost of Properties  

 If you want to invest in a 1-BHK with parking, you may have to pay between US$500,000 and US $614,0000. And, if you do not want to park, the cost will be approximately 422,000$ - 537,000$. Do you want the water view with the 1 BHK? Then be ready to spend approximately 1 million dollars or more. On the other hand, a single house with three bedrooms and parking can make you pay nearly 2.5 million dollars.  

  1. Best Living Standard 

Balmain's laid-back yet sophisticated feel, outstanding schools, fashionable restaurant scenes, and calm bar and café culture amidst the Victorian buildings make it appealing. Along the way, one can try out the artisan bakeries, boutiques, and trendy cafés.
Restored sandstone workers' cottages line the lush alleys of Balmain, where media celebrities, well-off families, and artists live. Some of the most well-preserved classic terraced sandstone villas and townhouses, most of which belong to the times of the Victorian era, are among the area's most popular attractions. 
Meanwhile, the residential apartment towers are a combination of architectural styles, including contemporary, modern, art deco, and mid-century modern. Balmain's fine dining and village lifestyle are one of a kind, and the Saturday Balmain Markets also provide crafts, organic food, and apparel. Moreover, there are a few more reasons why Balmain real estate could be an excellent investment.


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  1. Potential Growth of Property Market

When people decide to invest in real estate, they should look for properties that have the potential to rise in value. The property will continue to rise in value as long as people plan to acquire it. The value of a property can grow once it is acquired (typically after a mortgage is secured) since it now has a new occupant who will most likely take care of it and enhance it.
You may also sell your homes to other people at better prices if the real estate market is performing well. If future purchasers pay higher prices due to growth or demand, it may be an excellent method to earn passive income and wealth. 

  1. Long-Term Security 

Property is a wise investment option, as seen by last year's tumultuous market. It demonstrated that the property market could withstand even the most severe storms. Often, the property is regarded as among the most secure investment alternatives available. You'll be ahead of the game if you purchase now before the main investment activity in Sydney heats up again. You could even get a good deal in some cases.
One thing is sure when deciding whether to invest in Balmain real estate: it will be a busy year! You may identify the ideal investment property by conducting comprehensive research and considering your circumstances.


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Accessible for Foreigners
Foreigners are prohibited from acquiring property in Australia, and the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) overseas foreign investments in real estate or business. Of course, you'll have to jump through a few hoops to qualify for a purchase, and there are also specific guidelines to follow.
You can't, for example, buy established property if you don't intend to live there full-time. However, you can purchase a new-build property if you sometimes intend to reside there. You may also buy fresh ones as a long-term investment. Both of these methods require FIRB permission. However, there is one option that does not. Non-residents can purchase a new plan or unit straight from the developer. 

Final Note

The most sought-after area in Sydney is a great place to raise a family and start a company. Thus, if you have plans to buy properties, whether for living or investment, give Balmain a look.  

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