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A Beautiful Yard is Just Some Tree Removal Away

A Beautiful Yard is Just Some Tree Removal Away

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Home Vendor News A Beautiful Yard is Just Some Tree Removal Away

Maintaining your yard will help your property look fantastic. Cutting the grass, growing beautiful flowers, trimming trees, etc. all combine to make for a stunning yard. Trees can have some great benefits for your garden too. Not only do they provide oxygen that we breathe, but they can also add to the property’s appearance and they can be used as a form of shade. To add to the privacy of your home people often use tall trees like Thuja Green Giant and Leyland Cypress trees. Although trees have lots of benefits, there are often trees in our yard that make our property look ugly. Not only that, some trees can be dangerous to both people’s health and safety and they can cause structural damage to your home.
There are lots of methods you can use to remove these unwanted trees. If you have the right tools, experience, and time, you can remove the tree yourself. However, if you want the job done properly, you can hire a reputed tree removal service. These highly trained experts will be able to remove your trees without causing any further damage to the area around the tree. Companies like tree removal Johns Creek also offer a 24-hour emergency service in case of a storm.

What Safety Gear Do I Need To Remove The Trees Myself?

The first thing you must consider when removing trees yourself is safety. Each year, there are thousands of injuries caused when people try to remove trees themselves.
The first thing you need is a hard hat or helmet. Purchasing a quality hard hat will reduce the impact of a tree or a branch if it hits you on the head. If you are using a ladder and you fall off, the hard hat or helmet should help you from sustaining a serious head injury. If available, a hard hat or helmet that has a face shield would be best. If the head safety gear you purchase doesn’t come with a face shield attached you should use safety goggles.
Rubber gloves or heavy work gloves can help protect your hands from cuts. They will also help you grip the trees or tools better. You can come across lots of different types of harmful insects in your yard, so having gloves will protect your hands from getting bitten.
You must wear safety shoes to help reduce injuries caused when debris, barks, or tools fall on your feet.

You Can Use Chemicals To Treat Tree Stumps

Potassium nitrate and other fertilizers are common chemicals used to destroy tree stumps. By brushing these chemicals and leaving them for around two to three weeks, you will be able to remove the stumps. The length of time it will need to destroy the tree stump depends on the condition of both the tree stump and the area around the stump. If the tree has already died, it should take much less time to decay in comparison to a live tree stump. Using these chemicals can be dangerous. Make sure you are educated on how to use them. These harmful chemicals can cause a range of health hazards. Wearing rubber gloves or heavy work gloves is vital. Long clothes and a face shield are also advised as you don’t want any of your skin exposed to these chemicals. Keep these chemicals away from fire and children.

Use A Chainsaw

Using a chainsaw is a popular tool to help you remove a stump. Most powerful chainsaws can cut through stumps easily. Be sure to read the instructions on how to use the chainsaw. There are around 40,000 chainsaw-related injuries each year in the United States. Safety goggles, heavy work gloves, safety shoes, and a hard hat are all needed when operating a chainsaw. Earmuffs or high-quality earplugs will help reduce the amount of sound you will hear when using the tool. Without using ear protection you are at risk of damaging your inner ear, which can result in loss of hearing. When operating any power tool make sure that you have a first aid kit close by, and keep the chainsaw away from children.

Can You Remove A Stump Naturally?

Rather than using harmful chemicals, many homeowners choose to remove their tree stumps using natural methods. Chemicals can help destroy the stump, however, they can also cause other areas around the stump to decay. Although removing tree stumps naturally may take a bit more effort, there are lots of positives to this method and it seems to be a very popular choice when it comes to removing stumps.


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