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Decorating Mistakes Killing Yards, Costing Thousands

Decorating Mistakes Killing Yards, Costing Thousands

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More than ever, local homeowners are going BIG on decorations for the yard as the pandemic strands many families at home this holiday season. But many don’t realize sparkling lights and giant ornaments can damage trees, and kill your yard, costing thousands of dollars!
Damaged and dying greenery destroys curb appeal, leaving homeowners with no choice but to pay for tree removal. The average cost of removing a 40-foot tree is $1,000!
That’s why the local experts from Monster Tree Service want to educate families about how to safely decorate and keep trees healthy and alive  – along with the holiday spirit.
6 Holiday Decorating Mistakes Killing Your Yard   

  • Screwing or nailing any decoration into a tree wounds the tree and exposes the extremely delicate cambium (the part of the tree responsible for growth) to bacteria, viruses, bugs and fungi!
  • Hanging lights on sensitive trees. Lights on trees that lose leaves annually, particularly flowering trees, cause a miscue that it’s not yet winter because it’s bright out.  That causes these trees to hang onto their leaves longer, shed them too late, risking cold weather damage.
  • Tying ropes and wires around tree trunks can cause major damage as they grow. Trees grow quickly and ropes that are too tight can cause strangulation of the tree.
  • Using old lights is dangerous because they could burn the tree or even cause a fire. Inspect the lights yearly to make sure they’re working properly without overheating. Always use outdoor lights for outdoor projects.
  • Stringing lights too loosely on trees can make them susceptible to wind and rainstorms. They will blow around and could cause damage to bark or thin branches.
  • Hanging heavy ornaments and bulbs on thin branches can break them. You might think a branch is strong enough to hold a heavy bulb, but it may not be. Too many broken branches can harm the tree and its appearance.

Remember, tree removal and replacement is EXPENSIVE and time-consuming!

  • The high cost of tree removal reflects the hazards of the job. (Think insurance, special equipment, and the tough labor!)
  • To replace a fully-grown tree, you could pay thousands of dollars.

Steps you can take to avoid holiday tree trouble:

  1. Buy LED Lights. Most LED lights do not emit light in the red or infrared spectrum that can impact tree dormancy. They are also 75% more energy efficient and they last longer!
  2. Straps are better than ropes and wire. Use straps to hang festive signs and large ornaments on the tree. Flat nylon webbing works great because it won’t dig into the tree’s bark or branches.
  3. Try to keep tree decorations to the minimal. Trees can be beautiful with some simple lights. Consider if hanging heavy ornaments or decorations is worth the risk.


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